canceled-4 hr pm Boots on the Ground: Ethical Investments in Community Trust-Freeport

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Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: Jan Mirikitani, JBM Consulting Services, LLC
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This Class has been Canceled

Boots on the Ground: Ethical Investments in Community Trust Correctedness

COURSE CONTENT:   This program examines numerous ways law enforcement personnel can invest & enlarge their agency’s communication investment base in their communities toward building & increasing public trust.  Stilted & inaccurate media coverage of events involving the police, any incident involving law enforcement and death of a non- Caucasian suspect, coupled with the impact of Internet social media blitzing, have brought to the forefront the significant need for law enforcement to build ongoing invested community trust relationships.

The program lays an ethical foundation that can be used in most police agency contacts, whether sworn or civilian.  It examines the critical issues of why & how with the public.  It goes deeper to examine the ethical character of the agency’s mission & how an agency allows personnel to deliver that mission when dealing with the public.  It examines the need to police internal practices.

This course examines five levels of Law Enforcement public communication to maximize officer contacts with residents and travel-through populace in casual, non-criminal, & criminal circumstance contacts.

It discusses how to make positive in-roads with enclave perceptions & stilted thinking against all police.  It points out concrete ways Officers have built trust & support for their Department & profession.