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Appellate District Decisions are not binding upon other Appellate Districts

5/15/2017 9:41:00 AM

Courses being taught throughout the state include cases from various Appellate Districts.  Please  remember that decisions made in one Appellate District are not binding upon other Appellate Districts.

In other words, you could have an opinion coming out of the 2nd District interpreting constitutional law, but that case is not the law for the 4th District and vise-versa.  When you review Appellate Cases you need to know if the cases are controlling your jurisdiction.  

If you do not know which Appellate Court District effects your jurisdiction, you can find it here: .


MTU1 covers these counties and they are controlled by the named Appellate Districts:

Carroll County - 2nd District

Jo Daviess County - 2nd District

Lee County - 2nd District

Ogle County - 2nd District

Stephenson County - 2nd District

Whiteside County - 3rd District

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