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Illinois Prosecutor Services Monthly Legal Update training is on line

5/19/2017 1:14:00 PM

Beginning May 2017, the Illinois Prosecutor Services Monthly Legal Update training is on line.


All officers must go on line to complete the training and they can find guidance on the MTU1 website here.  This information is located under the “Training” tab’s drop down menu under “Monthly Legal Update Information”.


To access the monthly legal update training, also known as the Training Case of the Month, you must have an account. You must be logged in in order to view the Case Studies option.


Log-in, then click on the "case studies" button that appears above your name.


Follow these instructions to access and complete the training.

1. Leave the number in the “register box” at 1

2. Click on the “register” button

3. Enter your student information

4. click on "add student"

5. click on "register now" and you will now be able to review the training material

6. After reading the material and reviewing the questions/answers click on "I've read This!"  You have completed the training and have been added to the class roster for the month.




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