Rifle & Shotgun Fundamentals- Mt. Carroll

Registrations are closed for this event
Date: Sunday, April 07, 2019
Registration Deadline: Monday, April 01, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
The Site
1311 S. Skunk Hollow Road
Mt. Carroll, IL
Instructor: Chris Joswick, Certified Firearms Instructor, VCQB instructor, Jurisdictional SWAT member
Member's Fee: $0
Non-Member & Civilian Fee: $85

There are mandatory release forms to complete for this class- See Below

Goal- Enhance the shooter’s fundamental shooting skills, focusing on accuracy, weapon manipulations and visual processing to aid in the officer’s performance with their weapon platform.

COURSE CONTENT: The following topics will be covered:

1.   Firearms Safety Rules/Medical plan

2.   Discuss cognitive load – brain in relation to skill and stress

3.   Fundamentals related to execution of the task

4.   Rifle zeros 

5.   Rifle/Shotgun nomenclature

6.   Grip, stance, sight picture

7.   Shooting positions

8.   Ready positions

9.   Medical-  tourniquets, pressure bandages, chest seals, med kits, discuss important items needed for med kits, Practical application of each

10.  Loading unloading (rifle/shotgun)

11.  Shooting drills-  Up drills – focus on stance, grip, control, Shooting drills involving: accuracy, pace of fire, visual processing, reloading, malfunctions, moving, transitions, Discussion on various fundamentals related to specific drills


Equipment list for Rifle/Shotgun fundamentals

  1. Rifle and/or Shotgun
  2. Duty pistol
  3. At least three rifle magazines and 3 pistol magazines
  4. 400-500 rifle rounds
  5. 100 pistol rounds
  6. Minimum of 30 shotgun rounds (slug or shot)
  7. Duty belt
  8. Body armor
  9. Hearing protection/Eye protection
  10. Weather appropriate clothing
  11. Hydration (water and/or Gatorade)
  12. Knee pads if you wish to wear them

Lunch will be provided on site

This class is Co-Sponsored by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office


Register on the website and then submitt the required forms   

Each student must have the required forms submitted by their agency by the registration deadline. The items are as follows:

1. Course Enrollment Form (one per student). This verifies the officer will be considered as being “On-duty”, plus supplies us with information particular to the officer

2. Indemnification Agreement form. (one per student) This agreement must be signed by an official of the local government entity or by an official of the agency involved who has the legal power to enter into such an agreement.

3. Proof of Liability Coverage, (one per class/can apply to more than one officer) the Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission requires verification of LIABILITY INSURANCE coverage.  Please send us a Certificate of Liability Insurance verifying that his/her respective department covers the student(s) prior to the class.

All the requested forms are critical to the enrollment process. 

MTU1 cannot allow an officer to participate in a firearms course without this paperwork returned by April 1st



 This firearms course is intended for full time, part time or auxiliary officers  

ILETSB guidelines will not allow MTU1 to train “Armed- Auxiliary/Reserve, Officers/Deputies without charging a fee

Instructor Bio

Chris Joswick

  • Police officer for 19 years, mostly with an agency adjacent to the second largest city in Illinois, Aurora
  • Member of a multijurisdictional SWAT Team for 8 years, typically working as a shield cover on entry
  • Involved in two lethal incidents, one of which was a hostage rescue
  • Often tasked with setting up range days, drills and instruction for SWAT training days
  • Lead firearms instructor and armorer for employed agency
  • Certified Firearms instructor for 11 years.
  • Assistant instructor for Final Defense Institute for approx. 7 years, where VCQB levels 1+2 (vehicle tactics) and PREVAIL (undercover officer vehicle assaults) are taught through MTU3 (NEMRT)
  • Armorer certifications – Glock, Ar15 style rifles, Springfield M1A, Springfield XD series, 1911 style pistols


  • CQB pistol instructor through Strike Industries w/ Henk Iverson
  • Rifle instructor through the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association
  • Master Firearms Instructor through Police Training Institute
  • Rapid Response Instructor
  • MACTAC instructor ((Multiple Assault Counter Terrorist Action Capabilities)
  • TacMed/TCCC instructor
  • VCQB instructor
  • SIMunnitions instructor