10th Annual MDT Conference on Crimes Against Children- Dixon

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Date: Monday, March 25, 2019
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Registration Deadline: Friday, March 22, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Instructor Location:
Dixon Elks Club
1279 Franklin Grove Road
Dixon, IL 61021
Instructor: -Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, Founder/Director-The Trauma Stewardship Institute
-Detective Richard Wistocki (Ret. Naperville PD), Be Sure Consulting
-Amy Russell, MSEd, JD, NCC, Executive Director Arthur D. Curtis Children's Justice Center

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These training sessions are part of the

10th Annual Multi-Disciplinary Team Conference on Crimes Against Children

sponsored by the Shining Star C.A.C. and YWCA


Sessions are not meant to be registratered for as individual classes

Monday March 25, 2019

Session I - Transforming Trauma: How To Do This Work & Sustain

TIME: 8:00 AM—12:00 PM          4 Hours


Setting the Context for Cumulative Toll: Laura will discuss the context for how a cumulative toll arises and how we'll engage in this conversation. Laura will further discuss principals that may be helpful in taking in the information.

The Trauma Exposure Response:  Laura will discuss the specific manifestations of cumulative toll. From numbing the anger to cynicism, she will dive deeply into how one is impacted individually and collectively.

How to Sustain Individually: Laura will look at very concrete strategies for how to create sustainability for oneself individually.

How to Sustain Collectively: Laura will broaden the conversation by looking at how to create sustainability for oneself within a larger context as well as how to create larger organizational, institutional, and movement-level change.

Instuctor- Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is Founder and Director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute, and author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others. Laura has worked directly with trauma survivors for more than three decades.


Session II - Social Network & Cell Phone Investigations

TIME: 1:00 PM—4:30 PM          3.5 Hours


In this workshop, participants will learn how to investigate the social network applications that are used in cases to understand how to find out who the persons involved are. 

Participants will learn how an investigation involving social media should be conducted and how to find out who the perpetrators are in the many different types of online criminal cases. Instruction may cover the search and seizure of cell phone evidence and recovery, computer evidence and recovery, email attachments, social networks. 

We will examine the simple 3 step process of investigating internet crime according to the Electronics Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

This presentation is a condensed version of the Sexting Investigations course.

Instructor- Detective Richard Wistocki (Ret.) was a law enforcement officer for 30 years- 28 years with the Naperville Police Department. In his last 22 years he was an Internet Crimes Investigator with the Naperville Police Department. He is one of the founding members and an affiliate member of the Illinois Attorney Generals High Tech Crimes Bureau (ICAC). 


Tuesday March 26, 2019

Session III - Child Abuse Investigations: The Many Dynamics to Consider

TIME: 8:30 PM—4:30 PM          8 Hours


In Search of “True” Memories:  Recovered Memory Syndrome in the Courts. State legislatures continue to debate the merits of extending statutes of limitations, while legal and mental health experts dispute repressed and recovered memories of sexual victimization.  This session will examine issues of false-memory creation, repressed memories, recovered memories of childhood trauma, and how it relates to legal and psychological practice.

Transgenerational Trauma and Child Abuse. Trauma passes from one generation to the next through genetics and experiences and can result in neurological and physiological changes. In child abuse cases, these changes not only impact how a child experiences their victimization, but also how a non-offending parent with personal history of trauma responds to his/her child when they disclose maltreatment.  Learn how past trauma impacts future generations, identify ways parents with trauma histories respond to disclosures of abuse by their children, and discuss tips and techniques for working with non-offending parents with trauma histories.  

Juvenile Perpetrators of Sex Crimes and youth with Sexual Behavior Problems. Sexual perpetration of youth by youth is becoming an increasingly development in children; identify characteristics of juveniles who sexually offend; and address legal consequences for youth who sexually offend.

Interviewing for All Forms of Maltreatment: The Importance of Understanding Polyvictimization. Allegations of child abuse frequently include only one form of maltreatment; however, two-thirds of youth who are victimized in one way also experience other forms of violence.  We also know that Polyvictimization is more closely associated with symptoms of trauma than experiences of any single form of maltreatment or violence, even if experienced multiple times.  This session will discuss the research on youth’s experiences of multiple victimization of different types, will address risk factors youth face for Polyvictimization, and techniques professional can use to screen youth for multiple forms of violence and maltreatment.

INSTRUCTOR: Amy Russell, MSEd, JD, NCC, Executive Director Arthur D. Curtis Children’s Justice Russell Consulting Specialists, LLC.


Instructor Bio's

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is Founder and Director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute, and author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others. Laura has worked directly with trauma survivors for more than three decades. She has worked with groups as diverse as zookeepers and reconstruction workers in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, community organizers and health care providers in Japan, U.S. Air Force pilots, Canadian firefighters, public school teachers, private practice doctors, tiny non w profits, massive state agencies, libraries, the Pentagon, alternative colleges, and Ivy League universities. Much of her work is being invited to assist in the aftermath of community catastrophes-whether they are fatal storms or mass shootings. She has worked locally, nationally, and internationally. Laura is known as a pioneer in the field of trauma exposure.

Detective Richard Wistocki (Ret.) had been a law enforcement officer for 30 years and 28 years with the Naperville Police Department. In his last 22 years as an Internet Crimes Investigator with the Naperville Police Department, he has forged numerous partnerships with the community and other Law Enforcement Agencies. He has been a SWAT operator / Sniper for the past 22 years. He is one of the founding members and an affiliate member of the Illinois Attorney Generals High Tech Crimes Bureau (ICAC). Rich's passion is concentrated in teaching parents how to parent their children while online. He takes his juvenile investigations experience and applies it to teaching parents how to be better parents. He is an instructor for the Department of Justice and varius Law Enforcement Mobile Training Units and POST units across the United States. He is also the creator of the Illinois Sexting Law. 

Amy Russell, MSEd, JD, NCC, Executive Director Arthur D. Curtis Children’s Justice Russell Consulting Specialists, LLC. Amy currently serves as a consultant to child protection and child abuse prevention professionals with Russell Consulting Specialists, LLC, and as an executive director for a Children's Advocacy Center in the Pacific Northwest.  Ms. Russell also serves as an expert witness on child abuse, with particular focus on sexual victimization, in multiple state and federal courts, and provides training and technical assistance on all aspects of child maltreatment, investigation, forensic interviewing and legal services.  Ms. Russell previously served as forensic interview specialist with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Immigration and Customs Enforcement with Homeland Security Investigations, and as executive/senior director of the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC), where she provided administrative and programmatic oversight as well as professional training and technical assistance on a national and international level. She additionally served as as a pro bono attorney for children in dependency court and formerly as an adjunct faculty member in the Child Advocacy Studies Program at Winona State University.  She obtained her B.A. from Hope College in 1992, her M.S.Ed. in Counseling from Western Illinois University in 1999 and graduated magna cum laude from SUNY Buffalo Law School with her J.D. in 2009.


Ms. Russell is a nationally certified counselor, and has worked with victims of violence and trauma in several capacities, including extensive counseling and support work with child victims of abuse; director of victim services and counselor for survivors of homicide victims; victim/witness coordinator in a U.S. Attorney’s office; and executive director of two children’s advocacy centers. In addition, she has interviewed over a thousand children; served as a consultant for several children’s advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams for child abuse investigations; served as an independent contractor and trainer for UNICEF on child abuse and trafficking issues in Kosovo; trained Special Victim Counsel at the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia on representing child victims in military court; and provided training on forensic interviewing, child abuse issues and domestic violence in Colombia, Japan and Saudi Arabia.


Ms. Russell has conducted research on vicarious trauma in child protection attorneys, and authored numerous articles on interviewing and child maltreatment, including Child Forensic Interviewing: Best Practices, published by OJJDP (co-author); Multidisciplinary Response to Youth With Sexual Behavior Problems, published in the William Mitchell Law Review of the William Mitchell College of Law, Best Practices in Child Forensic Interviews: Interview Instructions and Truth/Lie Discussions, published in the Hamline Journal of Public Law and Policy by Hamline University School of Law; Out of the Woods: A Case for Using Anatomical Diagrams in Forensic Interviews and Vicarious Trauma in Child Protection Professionals, published in APRI Update by the National District Attorneys Association, National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse; several CenterPiece articles published by the National Child Protection Training Center; and co-authored The CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol: RATAC® published in the Thomas M. Cooley Journal of Practical and Clinical Law. Ms. Russell is also the co-author of the ChildFirst™ Forensic Interview Protocol, which is replicated in twenty states and two countries.  Ms. Russell is a member of several professional societies, including the American Counseling Association, the American Bar Association, American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) and the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS), and serves on the editorial boards and peer review pool of the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma; Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma; Journal of Child Custody; Journal of Child Sexual Abuse; and Journal of Family Violence.