Canceled-Keeping Good People Good

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Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: Jack Harris,

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NAMI Sauk Area is funding costs for this training

Course Objectives:

Law enforcement officers begin their careers as passionate, idealistic, enthusiastic people who are often heard saying “I can’t believe they pay me to do this job.” Throughout their careers, they are exposed to the “realities of the job” and a variety of subtle day-to-day pressures/ demands. Without an effective strategy, these things can be devastating to even the most experienced and capable people.

During this presentation the participants will take a unique look at the world in which they live and work. They learn how a combination of personal passion & commitment, ongoing change, risk and exposure to the day-to-day pressures associated with running a law enforcement agency can . . .

  • affect people professionally and personally
  • lead to disillusionment, frustration and anger
  • lead to professional burnout contribute to increased conflict (professional and personal)
  • cause good people to make bad decisions
  • turn passionate enthusiastic, idealistic people into cynics who begin to resent the profession they once loved
  • lead to increased apathy and decreased motivation
  • cause people to become less resilient
  • contribute to serious health issues

The participants will have an opportunity to assess their own level of resilience and vulnerability to pressure and demands, politics, change, burnout, anger and other related concerns.

his presentation is designed to give the participants a combination of practical information, strategies and skills that can help them prevent the day-to-day pressures from destroying the very things they have worked so hard to build. They will learn techniques they can begin using immediately to develop and maintain the balance and personal resiliency that is essential for their long-term professional and personal well-being.



The Instructor for this Workshop will be Jack Harris. About Jack Harris . . .
As a trainer, workshop leader, keynote speaker and conference presenter, Jack Harris makes presentations to law enforcement and public safety personnel from around the world on a variety topic aimed at helping Keep Good People Good.

With an insightful understanding of human nature & behavior, as well as a good sense of humor, his presentations are entertaining and filled with useful information, not just theory and trendy “buzz-words.” His unique combination of law enforcement & management experience, behavioral science background, and a passion for practical solutions, allows Jack to provide results-oriented training that helps people develop practical skills they can apply to everyday, real-life situations.

He is known for his work in the areas of personal resilience, change, emotional survival, work-life balance, stress & burnout, conflict & anger, management & leadership skill development, dealing with difficult people, managing disgruntled employees, workplace violence, and trauma & critical incident response. His upcoming book, Giving Feedback That Matters, is being written to help managers develop the skills necessary to be more effective and confident when dealing with personnel related matters.

Jack began his law enforcement career as a deputy with the McDonough County Sheriff’s Department in Macomb, Illinois. After spending twenty years with the Tucson, Arizona Police Department, Jack retired in 1994 as a captain. During his career, he held a variety of operational and administrative command assignments, including human resources, training, patrol, air support, narcotics, communications, management information and staff services.

In addition to his law enforcement background, Jack is a licensed counselor, trained mediator, Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and a certified instructor for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors Degree from Western Illinois University.