On-Target Solutions for Law Enforcement Managers & Supervisors

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Date: Monday, November 28, 2022
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Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: On-Target Solutions-Greg Anderson & Shawn Wetzel

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This course has been approved to meet the following ILETSB mandates:

Procedural Justice 14 hours 3 Hours Scenario Based Training




This dynamic two-day course is a career development tool to enhance and refine the leadership skills of law enforcement managers and supervisors across a variety of organizations. Good supervision transcends agencies and provides the core principles of quality supervisory techniques. It also lays a strong groundwork of knowledge for those striving to be promoted to management and supervisory positions. Concentrating on the idea that people are the true assets of their agency, participants will understand the importance of their role in maximizing employee performance through strong management and supervision techniques and will understand the value in developing flexibility in your leadership approaches to garner peak performance and meet organizational goals.

2. Measurable learning instructional objectives


Block 1

1. Define supervision

2. Discuss what traits are desired by employees, peers and executives

3. Discuss why law enforcement supervisors’ responsibilities are stressful

4. Discuss the proactive or reactive approaches to supervision


Block 2

1. Determine the role of the law enforcement supervisor

2. Discuss the difference between reactive and proactive supervision

3. Discuss why supervisors must be trained in handling workplace harassment


Block 3

1. View and discuss the video “It’s OK to be the Boss”

2. Take leadership adaptability quiz

3. View and discuss the video “Jerk Bosses”


Block 4

1. Identify the differences between equality and equity for employees

2. View and discuss the video “Why Good Supervision is Important

3. Determine why managers and supervisors must be trained


Block 5

1. Identify and discuss the guidelines for supervisors

2. Determine the need for further programs on leadership

3. Define leadership


Block 6

1. Discuss situational leadership

2. Take the DISC personality profile assessment

3. Identify where to see leadership


Block 7

1. Identify how to communicate effectively

2. Discuss the communication process between supervisors and employees

3. Discuss the importance of verbal commands

4. Discuss assertive communications


Block 8

1. Discuss assertive communications

2. Discuss setting parameters and expectations


Block 9

1. Define coaching

2. Watch video “Courage to Coach”

3. Discuss the video “Courage to Coach” 1. Identify SMART goals for employees

2. Discuss the 4-step coaching model


Block 10

1. Identify SMART goals for employees

2. Discuss the 4-step coaching model


Block 11

1. Discuss the importance of written counseling forms

2. Identify the proper documentation for the incident and counseling

3. Discuss the importance of follow-up with the employee


Block 12

1. Discuss the importance of follow-up with the employee

2. Determine effective measures for monitoring results

3. Discuss if issue has been resolved or further discipline is required

4. Identify why supervisors are so important in the counseling process


Block 13

1. Practice the team building approach

2. Define coaching

3. Identify causes for failures to accomplish work

4. Determine the consequences of failing to take action


Block 14

1. Identify how to earn commitment from employees

2. Discuss the importance of C.R.E.D.I.T.S

3. Identify situations to earn respect from employees