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Executive Institute Offers Online Courses for Lead Homicide Investigator Training

12/15/2015 12:00:00 AM

The Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (ILETSB) has approved a series of on-line Lead Homicide investigator courses to be offered by theExecutive Institute.Active Illinois certified law enforcement officers may register for an account with the Online Learning Network, a cost-free resource for online training. All MTU1 agency administrators have been supplied the access information and any officers needing to fulfill their hours should contact their designated training officers as soon as possible.The courses are:
  1. Case Prep and Courtroom Testimony 3 hours
  2. Crime Scene Identification 12 hours
  3. Fundamentals of Investigation - 7 hours
  4. Fundamentals of Report Writing 12 hours
  5. Interview and Interrogation 3 hours
  6. Media Relations 1 hour
If an officer has their current hours completed, these courses will still work for credit toward their next three year period if completed during that training cycle.
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