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Significant Pedestrian Stop Card Information has been added to the Website

12/30/2015 12:00:00 AM

These documents can be located on the member side of the website

Pedestrian Stop Card Information

1. Sample Pedestrian Stop Form Search Receipt Memo(word)

This is a sample internal agency training memo.

2. Fillable Pedestrian Stop Sheet TS802 (Adobe)- This is the fillable IDOT form in Adobe format.

This form has been tested and is working. Depending upon your version of Adobe, some may have difficulty getting this form to open. This form has also been sent to the area Chiefs & Sheriff's via e-mail. 3. Pedestrian Stop Data Sheet Instruction Manual(.PDF)Supplied by IDOT

4. Public Act for Stop Receipt(.PDF)

Go to the member side of the website for the above documents

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