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1/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

The new Professional Conduct Report Form is on the I.L.E.T.S.B. website

The Police and Community Relations Improvement Act took effect January 1, 2016.The act amended the Illinois Police Training Act.

Pursuant to PA 99-352, the Board will maintain a database of reported incidents of misconduct arising out of an officer's violation of law, official misconduct, or willful violation of department policy whenever:

The officer is discharged or dismissed as a result of the violation, or

The officer resigns during the course of an investigation based upon the commission of a Class 2 or greater felony and after the officer has been served notice of the investigation.

The new reporting form is located on the ILETSB website under the "LEDI" icon on the lower right of the screen. This snapshot is linked to the form.

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