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Help NAMI Sauk Area Support Law Enforcement Training

7/1/2016 12:00:00 AM

NAMI Sauk Area 5K Run & Walk Beside Us event - July 16th

This is not an MTU1 sponsored event

With budget cuts and program closures, Law Enforcement has become the front line in addressing many mental health issues in communities. NAMI-Sauk Area understands this and has become a Law Enforcement training partnerwith the Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission.

NAMI stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness and in May 2016, NAMI - Sauk Area helped numerous city/county officers from the MTU1's six county region attend nationally recognized top quality training. Many of these officers would not have been sent by their departments if NAMI-Sauk Valley had not awarded approximately $3000.00 of overtime reimbursement funding to the agencies.

The May training "Communication w/ Aggressive, Mentally Ill & Emotionally Disturbed Individuals" gave the officers practical skills to help officers more effectively and safely handle these situations. The presenter was a nationally known speaker and according to all accounts,the session was a tremendous success.

The small town agencies do not have a training budget and it is more difficult for them to send their officers to training. NAMI-Sauk Area has already set aside another $3000.00 in funding for Law Enforcement attend the "Addressing The Mental Health Call for Service" training this fall.

NAMI Sauk Area's goal is to use tan upcoming fundraiser to assistin raising awareness of the support families need when dealing with a loved one or friend who is living with a mental illness. NAMI-Sauk Area is dedicated to eliminating the stigma that is prevalent with mental illness. Money raised from this event willfacilitate training for CIT officers, help pay for Family 2 Familymanuals, training for instructors in NAMI based programs and instructional brochures.

Please Pass this information on to your contacts and for information on the 5K Run & Walk Beside Us event on July 16, 2016 , or to register go to:

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