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Article-New book breaks down anti-police protest movement's narrative distortions

7/12/2016 12:00:00 AM


In her new book, Heather Mac Donald takes hard data on crime and race and debunks myriad anti-cop talking points

In a new book that seems certain to resonate with most street officers, author Heather Mac Donald relentlessly pillories the narrative distortions that she says are propelling the virulent anti-police movement in the U.S.The culprits she calls out are agenda-driven activist groups, opportunistic politicians, and a flawed national mainstream media whose pervasive propaganda obscures the documented realities - the hard statistical data - of today's law enforcement challenges and practices.She argues that these "multipronged attacks on law enforcement" not only raise the day-to-day personal risks of line officers, but threaten to scuttle the significant "triumph over chaos and lawlessness" that American society has enjoyed for two decades, thanks to policing priorities that are now under assault and in jeopardy.A Data-Driven BookMac Donald's 233-page treatise - The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe.Mac Donald is a frequent contributor of op-ed essays and articles on social problems and is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative research and policy organization that is ranked among the nation's top think tanks.In The War on Cops, Mac Donald builds her case across four themed sections:
  • First, she confronts "the lie-based protest movement" and its drumbeat mantra that "[r]acist cops are gunning down innocent black men in cold blood."
  • Next, she explores the political attacks on effective anti-crime tactics like stop-and-frisk, and examines the methods and consequences of the federal DOJ's effort to control police departments through the "judicial power grab" of consent decrees.
  • Then, she analyzes the violence-breeding culture of "criminogenic environments" in major urban inner-cities to rebut the "excuse that crime - black crime especially - is the result of poverty and inequality."
  • Finally, she takes on the "deceptions" behind the crusade against "mass incarceration" and statistically establishes that the make-up of our prison population is the result of violent crimes and not of systemic racism.


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