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Article- Police Discipline: Part One, the Complaint Process

7/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

Written by Koziol, Joseph

  The internal affairs function is an important part of the disciplinary process of any organization. Internal affairs function is simply the investigation of complaints against employees, sworn and non-sworn. Many police departments choose to call the function something other than internal affairs such as professional standards, police integrity unit, etc. Complaints may simply be violation of a policy, procedure, rule or regulation, or can also be criminal. If a citizen's complaint is within department directives, no violation exists. Understanding the function of the internal affairs investigations is important for every employee in the organization. There is significant difference between an administrative investigation and a criminal investigation. The majority of internal affairs units spend their time investigating administrative violations. Some larger departments create within the internal affairs function, two units, one that handles administrative violations and one that handles criminal violations. The two must be kept separate. Let us take a closer look at the complaint process.Complaint Process There are three principals involved in the complaint process... READ ARTICLE

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