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Outside Training- HEROIN: Investigation and Prevention - Urbana

7/19/2016 12:00:00 AM

Heroin is affecting many communities, youth and adults alike, across the US with no indication of slowing down. Law Enforcement is having a difficult time balancing their enforcement and investigative responsibilities while being tasked to administer medical life-saving treatments in the street. A lack of resources, lack of knowledge and lack of innovation has left law enforcement, communities and their medical personnel desperately attempting to combat the plague of heroin as it affects many members of their communities. This training class provides answers to the Heroin problem and provides strategies for combating, investigating and preventing the plague of heroin and the devastation it is causing across the US.

"This course is certified by the Illinois Police Training Board."
Date: November 10,2016 Time: 8 AM to 4 PMLocation: ILEAS Training Center, 1701 East Main St., Urbana, Illinois 61802Registration Fee: $95.00 (Credit Cards, Checks,PayPal, Purchase Orders accepted)Click here to register for this class: REGISTER FOR HEROIN TRAININGYou can also paste the following web address into your browser: Topics:
  • Why is there a Heroin resurgence across the US?Why is Heroin so addictive?
  • How has Heroin permeated so many communities across the US?
  • Heroin Drug Recognition, Understanding, Manufacture (DRUM) - Signs, Symptoms, etc.
  • Combating heroin importation into your jurisdiction
  • Patrol Response to the Heroin problem
  • Targeting drug dealers: Yours, Adjoining Jurisdictions and Transients
  • Hotel/Motel Interdiction, Bar/Nightclub Enforcement, Rap Concerts/Gang members, etc
  • Combating heroin sales in the streets, schools and elsewhere
  • Investigating Heroin Trafficking: A Local to National Approach
  • Preventing heroin use and addiction
  • Community Strategies to Combat Heroin
  • Preventing Heroin Deaths: Recognizing the signs of addiction, the signs of overdose
  • Naloxone and More: Dilemma and Treatment
  • Analysis of drug trends to determine the Heroin/Drug problem and developing a strategy.
INSTRUCTOR: Detective Kurt Barbour is a 12 year veteran with the DuPage County (Illinois) Sherriff's Dept. and a former police officer with the Baltimore County (MD) Police Department. He has been a Detective with the department since 2011.

Kurt has had a variety of assignments including the jail, patrol, investigations, gangs, tactical narcotics team and detectives. For the last several years, Kurt has worked as an undercover drug officer until his current assignment as a Detective in the Special Response and Gang Suppression Unit (SR-22).

Suppression Unit, also known as SR-22.' In 2011, Kurt was assigned as a Detective working in an undercover capacity to the Department's Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT), a multi-jurisdictional task force. Kurt served with TNT for over three years before being re-assigned to SR-22 as a Detective where he is currently assigned. Kurt has worked drug investigations with DEA, FBI, ATF, DHS/HIS, the US Postal Inspections Service and many other agencies. The unit (TNT) to which Kurt is assigned is responsible for large scale narcotics investigations, undercover operations, vice crimes and organized crime.

He has been a member of the following organizations: Midwest Gang Investigators Association (MGIA), Illinois Drug Enforcement Officer Association (IDEOA), Illinois Crisis Negotiation Association (ICNA), International Association of Undercover Officers (IAUC), and National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

Kurt is a Master instructor for Homefront Protective Group, Law Enforcement Training, the nation's leading provider in reality-based training and a contract instructor for the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center and the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center.

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