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Outside Training-Free Webcast: Active Shooter Response for 911 Call Takers & Dispatchers

12/1/2016 12:00:00 AM

This training is not presented or endorsed by MTU1. It is simply being brought to your attention

Free Webcast

Training and Education for Dispatchers and 911 Call Takers on Active Shooter Response

December 14 @ 2pmEastern

The International Public Safety Association is holding a free, 60 minute webcast taught by Mark Warren, an IPSA Member and trainer at Strategos International, on December 14 @ 2pm Eastern.This webinar will provide dispatchers and 911 call takers with effective instructions, strategies and principles that will allow them to provide timely instruction and direction to those person(s) involved in an active shooter event.Emergency dispatchers and 911 call takers are expected to be educated and effectively prepared to provide timely, clear and effective instruction to those calling that may be under extreme duress.This webcast will provide tips and strategies on how to effectively provide clear and timely instruction that includes emergency tasking while first responders are en route is absolutely critical



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