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Brady vs. Maryland Information

1/1/1970 12:00:00 AM

The Northwest Law Enforcement Executive Association held their winter retreat this past weekend. The Monday morning session coveredSeveral people were unable to attend the Galena training today due to the icy road conditions. So attached is the handout from the training.The training on the "Brady rule" communicated to us that an agency must: have a policy about how to deal with this mandate; and agencies need to educate their officers on this topic.COMMON QUESTION from today- whether or not "Brady" was specifically being covered at the academy. PTI has been asked this question and I am waiting for a response. The theory was presumed to be taught in the ethics and law sections, but it was not readily known if "Brady" was specifically being mentioned.Here are document links for:1. model policies Sterling PD attached (also has sample letters and notification forms)2. Training Bulletin (San Diego County Sheriff)3. Public Defender Handbook on the Brady- (their view of the ruling)Below are links to MTU1 website posts and a few other links. Some agencies have had their officers read and sign off on reading these articles, as one method of training on this topic.June 2016 MTU1 website news articles -Article- Brady/Giglio Disclosures Don't Make Your Boss Have To Write A Letter from the Police Chief MagazineArticle Brady/Giglio Disclosure Requirements Law & Order MagazineArticle- Brady/Giglio Disclosure Requirements, Part 2Article- Brady/Giglio Disclosure Requirements, Part 3Article- Brady/Giglio Disclosure Requirements, Part 4AELE Law Journal- The Duty to Disclose Applied to Law EnforcementDiscovery policy for the US Attorney's Central District Office in Illinois - Bulletin article - article-

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