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8/24/2017 5:03:00 PM

Check out these three days of training   

Illinois Park Law Enforcement Associations annual conference in Galena, IL

Crime Scenes!     Cold Case Homicide Solved!   Motorcycle Gangs!    Officer Involved Shootings!

What Can We Learn From Them?

All of these topics will be discussed, along with the facts that make these topics relevent to officers.

Watch the video and get a taste!

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September 18th
(9a-12p) Crime Scenes in an Outdoor Environment & Outdoor Crime Scene Case Review- This presentation will involve the suggested best practices for managing a crime scene in an outdoor environment and will include the case review of an outdoor crime scene.
(1p-4p) Cold Case Solved- Review of 1974 Mary Ann Becker Homicide-  This presentation highlights and provides an intriguing insight into the three plus year full-time investigation into the heinous murder (by strangulation) of Mary Ann Becker inside her Atkinson, IL residence in 1974. 
September 19th
8:00am - 4:00pm Motorcycle Gangs-This course provides the officers with the basic knowledge of the history of the major biker gangs in the United States organizational structure, colors, and different patch meanings. Gang violence trends, associate gangs, and officer safety issues are addressed.
September 20th

(8a-10a) Officer Involved Shooting- After the Incident- Sgt. Matt Richards Dixon Police Department, this presentation will involve the suggested best practices for managing an Officer Involved shooting (Deadly Force investigation) with a focus on dealing with officer care. The presentation will cover 1) Policy and suggested best practices, 2) Matt's OIS Case study, 3) Surviving Emotionally.

On September 11, 2002, Sgt. Richards was involved in a “SWAT” call out involving a knife wielding subject, suffering from a mental health situation. Matt was assigned as cover officer (lethal force), while a partner deployed a Taser. When the Taser did not incapacitate the offender, the offender attempted to stab the Taser officer. Matt’s actions saved the life of his partner.  

(10a-12p) Officer Involved Shooting Case Review- Trooper Brad Williams Illinois State Police, this presentation will involve the case review in the apprehension of a southern Illinois murder suspect. The presentation will cover how following the then current Pursuit and Use of force policies were problematic in this real-world scenario. This event is also a positive review of how an OIS can be managed with officer care in mind.

On April 24, 2013, Trooper Williams was involved in a manhunt for a quadruple murder suspect. While operating a State Police motorcycle, (in the rain) alone, Trooper Williams spotted the suspect and began a chase that took him into Winchester, Illinois, where he received assistance from two other officers. Officers managed to stop the vehicle when the suspect, armed with a shotgun, pointed it at the Winchester Police Chief. Trooper Williams actions saved at least one officer and possibly three had he not performed his duties that day.

There will be no costs for MTU1 region members and that includes your lunch!


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