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Force Science News-Use Of Force Perceptions

10/19/2017 9:16:00 AM

Use Of Force Perceptions 

From Force Science News

Findings from Report Regarding the Public’s Perceptions of Police Use of Force.

Thumbnail summary:

Civilian beliefs about use of force by police are often shockingly far from reality, behavioral scientist Dr. Dawn O’Neill of the Force Science Institute’s research division explained in a presentation at the annual conference of the Society for Police & Criminal Psychology in San Diego.

Citing findings from a pilot survey of more than 540 young adults in five states, O’Neill said that those sampled:

• believe officers use deadly force in nearly 20% of their encounters with civilians (Reality: The figure is actually less than 0.0037%);

• believe LEOs receive more than 80 hours of training in communications and de-escalation at the academy level (Reality: On average, they get 36 hours);

• believe the time between shots in a gunfight is about three seconds (Reality: It’s an average of 0.28 seconds);

• believe police UOF is dramatically on the rise (Reality: The rate has been relatively steady—and very low—across recent years; for a more historical perspective, see Item IV below).

“A lot of media coverage fails to focus on human factors and behavioral science elements of police use of force, so it’s likely that the public is not aware of such research, contributing to the widespread misconceptions,” O’Neill says.



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