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International Public Safety Association's Rescue Task Force Guide

10/19/2017 9:39:00 AM

The International Public Safety Association’s Rescue Task Force Committee, comprised of practitioners, subject matter experts, convened regularly to discuss ASHEs/MCIs, debriefings, response strategies and best practices. They shared lessons learned and expertise to create the International Public Safety Association’s Rescue Task Force Best Practices Guide.

For any jurisdiction to be fully prepared for any ASHE/MCI means that they must have a comprehensive, integrated response and recovery plan with allied emergency responders. A truly integrated response means that law enforcement, fire/EMS and 911 telecommunications must increase their opportunities to cross-train and debrief with allied emergency responders. These opportunities are not currently widely available. 

While there are several existing, valuable and recent studies that address unique components of ASHEs/MCIs, there is a lack of research and readily available information about how agencies can create an effective integrated, cross-disciplinary response to dynamic ASHEs/MCIs.


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