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New Partnership to Deliver High Quality Training Opportunities

2/6/2018 3:55:00 PM

The Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (NICJC) has begun a new partnership with the Dolan Consulting Group for the delivery of high quality training via the NICJC's distant learning classroom network.

The project will deliver supervisory & administrative training in two-hour segments to the NICJC region. The Illinois specific training will provide chiefs/sheriffs with training qualified to meet their annual 20-hour training mandate.


The initial training opportunity for the new endeavor occurs March 23, 2018 and is titled Making Discipline Stick®.


The training is for anyone responsible for investigating or disciplining employee misconduct within a government agency-from first-line supervisors, to human resources personnel, to agency leaders.


Research shows that when disciplinary actions are reviewed by an outside source (i.e. grievance arbitrator or civil service board), public sector discipline is overturned or reduced 50% of the time.

  1. Address the few “bad apples" in your agency who are responsible for the majority of citizen complaints and internal acts of employee misconduct
  2. Identify the 5 most common reasons arbitrators give for overturning a public agency's employee discipline
  3. Make discipline STICK in order to hold employees accountable and give much needed "wake up calls" before performance issues become so serious that termination is required or public safety is threatened.

Click HERE to learn more about the training


  • Freeport Police Department: 320 W. Exchange Street Freeport, IL
  • Galena Police Dept.: 311 N. Bench Street Galena, IL
  • Morrison Police Dept.: 200 W Main St. Morrison, IL
  • Sterling Police Dept.: 212 3rd Avenue Sterling, IL
  • Ogle County Sheriff's Office: 202 S 1st St. Oregon, IL 


The Instructor-

Matt Dolan is a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois who specializes in training and advising public safety agencies in matters of personnel management liability. His training focuses on helping agency leaders create sound policies and procedures as a proactive means of minimizing their exposure to costly liability. A member of a law enforcement family dating back three generations, he has trained and advised thousands of public safety professionals throughout the United States in matters of legal liability


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