Does your Fire/Police Commission or Mayor want some training?

2/12/2018 11:42:00 PM

There is still room in the February 27-28, 2018 Recruiting & Background Class in Freeport. Registration will be accepted through Monday February 19th.  


Do you have a fire/police commissioner or mayor that should attend? They are welcome to attend “Day #1” and glean some very up to date and relevant information on recruiting and hiring practices.


This class is not just for those who do the backgrounds. The people directly in control of the hiring process need to understand the change in society and what their police department is up against. Agencies who want to attract qualified candidates and hold onto them can no longer do business as usual. The current generation is not favorably impressed by police agency hiring systems that seem to be overly bureaucratic, complicated, and opaque, and which require many months to come to a decision.


When a trained one year officer leaves you could be losing around $80,000.00 in investment. The class will give you some insight into the characteristics of the generations in the workplace and how to try to hold onto them.


2012 poll of millennial workers found that as many as 91 percent expect to stay in any one job less than three years. To think law enforcement is drawing entirely from the 9 percent with expectations of greater stability is foolish. 

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