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Have You Seen the April and May 2018 classes?

4/4/2018 8:41:00 PM

In case you haven’t checked the training calendar lately, here are the current April and May 2018 classes. The only two classes still to be added to the May calendar are the two 4 hour, hands-on, Emergency Vehicle Operations courses on May 31st. There will be an AM and PM session with 4 officers each.

April 2018

9    (4- 2 hr. sessions) 10a-5p Judgmental Use of Force Simulator & De-Escalation Training (300 Deg. Virtra Simulator)-Dubuque-1 opening left at 10am

10  (3- 2 hr. sessions) 10a-5p Judgmental Use of Force Simulator & De-Escalation Training (300 Deg. Virtra Simulator)-Dubuque- All sessions FULL

11-13 20 hr. Human Trafficking (PATC)-Rockford

16-20  40 hr. Basic CQB/SWAT Course-Lincoln- Full

23-May 4  80 hr. Homicide Investigation (Southern Police Inst.)- Rockford- Registration through SPI

A $600 credit will be applied towards MTU 1 Member Agencies tuition. Contact MTU1 for further details BEFORE registering through SPI

24   9th Annual Multi-Disciplinary Team Conference on Crimes Against Children-Dixon

25   3hr. Use of Force Simulator - Decision Making- Forreston- Full

30 Criminal Procedures for Detectives & Patrol Officers- Dixon 


May 2018

1-2 16 hr. Forensic Pathology (PATC)- Freeport

10  K-12 Student Behavioral Threat Assessment-Basic training-Rockford

9-12  Child Passenger Safety Technician training-Peru- register w/ IDOT (not an MTU1 class)

11 Foundations for Strategic Awareness (Chip Huth)-Rockford

14-18   40 hr. Police Cyclist- Freeport

15-17  20 hr. Investigating Citizen Complaints-Rockford

17   3hr. Use of Force Simulator - Decision Making-  Sauk

18 (am) 4 hr. Structure Analysis for Search Warrants-Freeport PD

18 (pm) 4 hr. Basic Photography for Patrol Officers-Freeport Central Fire Station

21  Juvenile Interrogation & Delinquency Update-Freeport

21-25  40 hr. Police Cyclist- Freeport

23  Legal Tips for Police Officers-Dixon

31  4 hr. Emergency Vehicle Operations Course-Dixon Airport

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