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New class-Evidence Based Interviews & Interrogation

5/24/2018 6:14:00 PM

Evidence Based Interview & Interrogation class set for Occtober 23-25, 2018

MTU1 has heard high praise for this training so we are bringing it to the region!

CTK Group's announcement- The CTK Group’s Fundamentals Course is the only comprehensive interview and interrogation course for active officers that is taught by active officers. We guarantee that regardless of an officer's assignment, experience or years of service, he or she will leave with an all-purpose, common sense game-plan for interviewing and interrogating victims, witnesses and suspects.

The most up-to-date research and state-specific case law is woven into a game-plan that is taught by officers that successfully utilize the exact same techniques on a daily basis - in the same jurisdictions where our graduates work. Officers are excited to experience training that is engaging, makes sense and is easy to remember.

Most importantly, our graduates are able to obtain legally admissible confessions immediately after completing the course. In the last year, The CTK Group has presented to federal, state, and local officers and we have identified the most effective interview and interrogation techniques.

For more information, go to the MTU1 training calender HERE

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