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TC's must be trained on Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Response

9/18/2018 11:49:00 AM

The response of law enforcement can directly impact a victim's ability to heal as well as his or her willingness to actively participate in the investigation by law enforcement.


Telecommunicator Training

Newly hired Telecommunicators must receive evidence-based, trauma-informed, victim-centered training regarding the handling of sexual assault and sexual abuse calls prior to answering emergency calls.


The Role of the Telecommunicator in Responding to Sexual Assault 

Sex crimes will often be the most challenging call telecommunicators handle. The variety of victim populations (e.g. children, elderly, unconscious, incapacitated, intimate partners, disabled and trafficked) demands that telecommunicators respond accordingly to each unique situation.

The Telecommunicator must be able to process a variety of incident types and sizes. The management of the call from delivery through categorization, prioritization, pre-arrival instructions, and dispatch of appropriate resources is at the core of the telecommunicator position.

By providing a coordinated, multidisciplinary victim-centered approach to sexual assault investigations and service provision, responders can help minimize the trauma that victims experience and encourage others to come forward and seek help.

The Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (MTU#1) is planning a Distant Learning session, so TC's can have inter-active training, using the training provided by the Office of the Illinois Statewide 911 Administrator (November or December 2018) The Office of the Illinois Statewide 911 Administrator has posted the training powerpoint on the Illinois State Police website. Click here to view the powerpoint.


Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act

•The law was passed to encourage more victims to come forward so that the rate of successful prosecution is also increased.

•First responders actions can directly affect the victim’s recovery.

•In order to create a successful outcome, we must improve our response to our victims.

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