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Video- Illinois now has instructors for the Texas Interdication for the Protection of Children course

4/18/2019 5:27:00 PM

Illinois now has its own "Interdiction for the Protection of Children" (IPC) instructors, trained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The instructors are qualified to teach the Texas developed course, which trains officers to identify and question suspects, during regular patrol stops, who may be trafficking children or involved in child abductions.

These instructors are available to present the training to law enforcement officers through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standard Board's (ILETSB), Mobile Training Units. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety established the Interdication for the Protection of Children (IPC) program in 2007. 

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services is a component of the U.S. Department of Justice and they have produced a video on the topic. In this episode, Captain Prestridge speaks about the Interdication for the Protection of Children project focusing on how the project began, its expansion across the country, and outcomes of the project.


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