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New Resource Page for Officer Confidential Services

8/22/2019 4:29:00 PM

The NICJC now has a page dedicated to helping officers locate needed personal services

Law Enforcement Counseling services - Substance Abuse Treatment - Peer Support - Suicide Prevention

The elephant in the room involves officers not trusting their agency's Employee Assistance Programs to remain confidential and/or accessing mental health care would adversely affect their livelihood. Programs are now available to help Law Enforcement access needed care without being concerned it will not remain confidential or effect their position.


Greg Lindmark Foundation - Confidential Counseling Services / Suicide Prevention

Mission: Reduce the impact of cumulative stress and trauma on first responders by providing awareness, education, and confidential counseling. 

Being first on the scene, whether for a gruesome murder, suicide, or a car accident, first responders can become victims of underlying issues of mental health. They need emotional and self-care support throughout their careers. Mental health is equally as important as physical health.


St. Michael's House - L.E. Specific Counseling / Substance Abuse

Saint Michael's House is an exclusive and highly confidential destination program focused on the treatment of those who serve and protect local and statewide communities within Illinois. Understanding the stigma associated with seeking addiction treatment, Saint Michael's House provides confidential addiction treatment services in a discreet and exclusive location. We have partnered with local law enforcement leaders to understand and address LEOS who are experiencing addiction issues.

Program Levels of Care: Medical Detox - Residential - Partial Hospitalization - Intensive Outpatient - Aftercare

Endorsed by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Chicago Police Department and Police Chaplains Ministry and more than 80 local police departments from across Illinois. Special acknowledgment to the Des Plaines Police Department for sharing in this vision.


We Never Walk Alone - Peer Support Website (National Network)

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) experience a lot of stress and trauma due to the nature of the work. Like everyone, they are also susceptible to issues not directly related to work but affecting the desired performance expectation at work.  Des Plaines Police Department has spearheaded this effort to connect LEO with Peer Support Officers and vetted mental health professionals across the nation. The grand vision of the product is to serve as a one stop shopping place for LEO to obtain varied treatment options, educational material, external sources, real time interaction with advisors and peers, share survival stories, access lifestyle information, retreat information and much more.



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