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All Illinois Employers to Provide Sexual Harassment Training

1/23/2020 5:31:00 PM

New Annual requirement for all Illinois Employers to Provide Sexual Harassment Training is an example of one mandate not included in the Illinois Police training Act, but you still need to make sure your officers receive

It is not police agency specific such as OSHA requiring Annual HazMat training.


This training is offered on the ILETSB Executive Institute’s On-Line Learning system. The benefit to completing the ILETSB/EI training besides a state certificate for the file, is the mandate credit that ends up on an officer’s LEDI record.


ILETSB/EI website

Sexual Harassment: Definitions and Prevention

Sexual harassment impacts both men and women in the workplace. The goal of this 1-hour course is to improve knowledge of the types of sexual harassment, the liability of organizations and employees when sexual harassment occurs, and provide examples of behaviors that could be construed as the different types of sexual harassment.

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