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2016 Illinois State Police Offense Code Index book Two Rapid Deployment classes added to November 2016 schedule New Page Added to Website- Guidelines for Mandated Training Topics & Board Policy Statement List of November & December 2016 Training Classes Outside Training- Glock Armorers School Resource Reminder- Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Resource Page Appellate Case Decisions 1. Civil Forfeiture & 2. Burglary-Racing Trailer in parking lot is a building IACP 2006 article- Unconstitutional Policing: The Ethical Challenges in Dealing with Noble Cause Corruption Appelate Court Decision- Methamphetamine Precursor: Criminal Knowledge October 2016 Issue of Informer Appelate Court Decision: All This in One Case! -Informants, P.C. for Traffic Stops, Consent Searches, Someone Elses Car, Temporary Detention, Handcuffing, Dog Sniffs & Terry Stops O'My! Blast From The Past! Have You written Your Officer Involved Death Policy? IACP'S ALZHEIMER'S INITIATIVES Roll call training videos Number of Killers Hunting Officers on the Rise Overview of Illinois juvenile justice system processes for 2014, with 10-year trend analyses ILETSB Executive Institute Newsletter is On-line / New Sexual Assault Procedure Act FREE event - "RefugeesandTerroristsinEurope" Presentation at EIU Appelate Court Decision: Voluntary Consent Must be "Absent Any Coercion, Express or Implied" Updated link for Illinois State Police's Criminal History Information Response Process (CHIRP) web portal Low Enrollment Notice- Nov 2-3, 2016 IVC Update class

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