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St Michael's House

Ms. Yolande Wilson-Stubbs, the President at Amita Health Des Plaines, IL captures the spirit of Saint Michael's House initiative in this brief interview.

Ms. Yolande explains WHY and HOW it all started and the essence that keeps her and her team motivated to taking up and bring to completion a wonderful project that's so essential for today's Law Enforcement Community's needs.

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Protecting Those Who Protect Us

We are pleased to announce the opening of the inpatient and outpatient addictions center dedicated to law enforcement officers (LEOs). Saint Michael's House is an exclusive and highly confidential destination program focused on the treatment of those who serve and protect local and statewide communities within Illinois.

Understanding the stigma associated with seeking addiction treatment, Saint Michael's House provides confidential addiction treatment services in a discreet and exclusive location. We have partnered with local law enforcement leaders to understand and address LEOS who are experiencing addiction issues.

Saint Michael's House will be a place of comfort and healing providing a path to recovery and overall health that promotes officer wellness in a secure and confidential environment.

Program Levels of Care


Medical Detox — An inpatient program that includes 24-hour monitoring and treatment of withdrawal from alcohol and drugs.

Residential — An intensive and structured regimen of care provided in a 24-hour residential setting, where residents will spend up to 28 days in treatment. This is a comprehensive program that includes individual, group and family therapy.

Partial Hospitalization — Medically supervised program offering comprehensive, therapeutically intensive, coordinated and structured clinical services at least five days/week; also includes boarded outpatient.

Intensive Outpatient A half day program ideal for someone who is actively working, has completed a previous program or is looking for first time program.

Aftercare — An exclusive once a week group for graduates of the program.


Endorsed by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Chicago Police Department and Police Chaplains Ministry and more than 80 local police departments from across Illinois. Special acknowledgment to the Des Plaines Police Department for sharing in this vision.

For inquiries, please call 847.813.3300


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