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Have You Seen the April and May 2018 classes?

Check the MTU1 training calendar to view the current April and May 2018 classes. 

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New Chiefs' of Police Orientation- ILETSB Executive Institute

2018 Leadership Series

New Chiefs' of Police Orientation

This cost-free New Chiefs' of Police Orientation is the one course a top law enforcement administrator must have to lead their department into the future.

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Does your Fire/Police Commission or Mayor want some training?

There is still room in the February 27-28, 2018 Recruiting & Background Class in Freeport. Registration will be accepted through Monday February 19th.  


Do you have a fire/police commissioner or mayor that should attend? They are welcome to attend “Day #1” and glean some very up to date and relevant information on recruiting and hiring practices.

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New Partnership to Deliver High Quality Training Opportunities

The Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (NICJC) has begun a new partnership with the Dolan Consulting Group for the delivery of high quality training via the NICJC's distant learning network.

The project will deliver supervisory & administrative training in two-hour segments to the NICJC region. The Illinois specific training will provide chiefs/sheriffs with training qualified to meet their annual 20-hour training mandate.

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Current list of training for February & March 2018.

 MTU1's current list of training classes for February & March 2018.

The list of upcoming training beyond those months is located on the Future Training Courses webpage.

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Crime Scenes - Cold Case Homicide Solved - Motorcycle Gangs - OIS's

Check out these three days of training   

Illinois Park Law Enforcement Associations annual conference in Galena, IL

Crime Scenes!     Cold Case Homicide Solved!   Motorcycle Gangs!    Officer Involved Shootings!

What Can We Learn From Them?

All of these topics will be discussed, along with the facts that make these topics relevent to officers.

Watch the video and get a taste!


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Lt. Col Dave Grossman will be in Galena October 11th!

Lt. Col. David Grossman Presents:

Safe Schools & Healthy Students” & “The Bullet Proof Mind

Galena, IL October 11, 2017

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2017 Illinois Problem-Oriented Policing Conference-E. Peoria

2017 Illinois Problem-Oriented Policing Conference


Problem-oriented policing places a high value on new responses that are preventive in nature, engages other public agencies, the community, and the private sector when their involvement contributes to the reduction of a problem.

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August/September 2017 Training Classes

Check out the August/September 2017 Training Classes

There is still time to get in on a few of the August classes and please register for the September classes as soon as possible.

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Illinois Prosecutor Services Monthly Legal Update training is on line

Beginning May 2017, the Illinois Prosecutor Services Monthly Legal Update training is on line.

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Registration Deadline for Deadly Force Investigations: Is your Department Ready for an Officer Involved Shooting?

The April 13th Deadline is fast approaching!

Deadly Force Investigations:

 Is your Department Ready for an Officer Involved Shooting?

4 Hours

Any officer who may find themselves involved in the use of deadly force should know what will happen during the investigation. All Investigators, on-scene supervisors, officers in-charge, police administrators & state attorneys should know the best practices identified by experienced investigators.

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April & May 2017 classes

Here is the list of the current April/ May 2017 training classes. There may be a couple more added in May and they will be announced as they are confirmed.

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February/March 2017 class listing
Here is the latest list of the February/March 2017 training classes, with more classes expected to be added.February 20171 On-Line Monthly LegalUpdate /MTU1 website calendar7-10 32 hr. Basic Youth Officer - Freeport 2-710-17-basic-youth-officer-freeport14-16 Instructor Development Workshop- E. Moline (only 5 seats) 2-14, 16-17 Instructor Development Workshop-E. Moline15-16 Aggressive Patrol Tactics & Terrorism Intelligence Gathering Vehicle Stops-Rockford 2-1516-2017-agg-ptrl-tactics-terror-intel-gather-stops-rockford21-23 Use of Force Documentation- E. Moline (only 5 seats) 2-21, 23-17 Use of Force Documentation- E. Moline22Psychopathology of Spree Shooters & De-escalation of Aggressive/Emotionally Disturbed Youth-CIT related Reimbursement for MTU1 agencies available - Freeport 2-22-17-psychopathology-spree-shooters-deescalation-agg-emotion-dist-youth22 4hr.(8-12) Use of Force Simulator - Decision Making - Sauk Valley College Dixon- 2-22-17 am Decision Making-Use of Force Simulator-Sauk23 Advanced DUI Enforcement - Dixon - -(Distant Learning remote sites ) 2-23-17 Advanced DUI-Dixon23 Communication w/ Aggressive Mentally Ill & Emotionally Disturbed Persons- MACOMB, IL (only 10 seats) 2-23-17 Communication with Aggressive, Mentally Ill & Emotionally Disturbed Individuals-Macomb24 4 hr. AM Medical Marijuana Enforcement - Dixon - -(Distant Learning remote sites ) 2-24-17-medical-marijuana-dixon27-Mar 1 24 hr. Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar- Freeport 2-2728

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Attention Veterans Interested In Illinois Law Enforcement
 The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) Intern Program is perfect for Veterans seeking a career in law enforcement.This program has been developed in response to law enforcement administrators seeking a pool of trained and certified candidates available for service. It is ideal for veterans seeking a career in law enforcement. Successful Intern applicants attend a basic law enforcement training academy and, upon passing the State Certification examination, will receive ILETSB State Certification. Interns are integrated into classes with sworn officers and receive the same training. The Intern application process is currently available at Southwestern Illinois Police Academy. This program is for Illinois residents only and seats are limited. Applicants must have valid Illinois driver's license and Illinois Firearms Owner Identification card. a) Tuition covered by Illinois Veteran's Grant and GI Bill for qualified applicants. In some cases housing and other costs can be covered too. b) 90-95% of Interns (1/3 are Veterans), have been hired as part-time or full-time peace officers. c) Receive college credit that may be applied to Southwestern Illinois College's Administration of Justice AAS Degree. d) Police Agencies grant Veteran's and Education Preference Points in accordance with 65 ILCS 5/ Article 10-1-16.Click here for more information and how to apply for the ILETSB Intern Training Program. 

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December 2016 & January 2017 classes
Here are the current listings for the months of December & January. Each one is a link to the class flyer.The Distant Learning classrooms (remote sites) are up and running and will be available for certain classes. If no-one registers to attend at a certain location the classroom willnot be staffed, so make sure to register, rather than just showing up.MTU1currently has remote sites at the following police departments:1) Dixon(usually the Instructor site) 2)Galena 3) Morrison December 20161 On-Line Monthly LegalUpdate /MTU1 website calendar12-1-16-3-hr-update-sex-offender-update-dixon-galena (3 hrs.)- Dixon - -(Distant Learning remote site- Galena)12-05-16-am-pm-decision-making-use-of-force-simulator-Sauk Valley College Dixon12-6-16-taser-recert-fulton6 hr.TASER recertification & Use of Force Review- Fulton (11a-5p)12-6-16-taser-recert-fulton 4 hr. TASERrecertification only- Morrison (4p-6p)12-7-16-taser-recert-only-4-hour-morrison 4 hr. TASER recertification only - Morrison (4p-6p)12-06-16-am-pm-decision-making-use-of-force-simulator-Sauk Valley College Dixon-12-6-16-active-shooter-the-dispatchers-role-e-moline- East Moline- seats limited12-07-16-organizational-accountability-sauk- Force Management- Sauk Valley College/Dixon12-12-16-search-seizure-case-law-update-belvidere-Belvidere- LHI12-12,16-16-lead-homicide-inv-e-moline40 hr. - East Moline- LHI12-13-16-criminal-case-law-update-belvidere- Belvidere- LHI12-14-16-taser-recert-legal-review-mt-carroll(6 hour)- Mt. Ca

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List of November & December 2016 Training Classes
Here is a listing of the December 2016 MTU1 training classes. Each listing is a link to the class flyer. The month of November 2016 has been included as well.November 201611-30 On-Line Monthly LegalUpdate /MTU1 website calendar11-8,10-16-homicide-the-investigative-challenge-e-moline- East Moline- LHI11-8,9-16-breath-alcohol-operator-rockford- Rockford11-10,11-16-ivc-update-e-moline16 hr. IVC Update- East Moline11-14-16-criminal-procedure-for-detectives-patrol-officers-galesburg-Galesburg11-14,15-16-breath-alcohol-operator-e-moline- E.. Moline / seats limited11-15-16-control-tactics-refresher-and-use-of-force-review-sterling - Sterling11-15-16-writing-effective-search-warrants-report-writing-court-testimony-galesburg-Galesburg11-16-16-sexting-investigations-sauk- Sauk Valley College/Dixon11-16-16-am-4-hr-preparation-and-execution-of-search-warrants-rockford- (AM) Rockford11-16-16-warrantless-searches-seizures-rockford- (PM) Rockford11-2122-16-aquatic-death-homicidal-drowning-inv-e-moline- East Moline- LHI11-28-dec 2-16-cit-rockford40 hr. - Rockford11-29-16-addressing-the-mental-health-call-freeport (CIT related Topic)- Freeport - OT Reimbursement for MTU1 agencies availableDecember 20161 On-Line Monthly LegalUpdate /MTU1 website calendar12-1-16-3-hr-update-sex-offender-update-dixon-galena (3 hrs.)- Dixon - -(Distant Learning remote sites- Galena & Morrison)12-05-16-am-pm-decision-making-use-of-force-simulator-Sauk Valley College Dixon- waiting list only12-06-16-am-pm-decis

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Ambush Recognition/Survival/Response Seminar added to October Schedule
DATE: October 21, 2016TIME: 9:00 AM-11:00 AM (2 hour class)LOCATION: Stewart Center West, 2900 W. Pearl City Road, Freeport, ILINSTRUCTOR: Richard FairburnCOURSE content_ Richard Fairburn began analyzing police ambush attacks in 1997, when a sharp increase was noted and the frequency and level of violence has increased steadily ever since. A parallel increase in the use of center-fire rifles in police killings also began in the late 1990's. An average about 17 percent of officers are killed with rifles but that number doubles to 38 percent in Ambush attacks and an even higher 44 percent in the premeditated category of ambush. These trends have continued to grow, reaching their zenith recently in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.This two-hour Ambush Recognition/Survival/Response seminar is a segment pulled from Dick's day-long "Led by a Lion" leadership seminar. For the last three years, this two-hour version has been presented at the annual International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) conference to overflow crowds.The seminar covers the numbers and nature of the threat, recommended tactics for avoidance as well as survival. The response to the "Officer Down" call which results from an ambush must be controlled by a strong leader to prevent an attacker from successfully using the first victim officer as "bait." The numbers of officers taken down in Dallas and Baton Rouge point out the power of a single determined attacker armed with a rifle

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Sept. 2016 "Monthly Legal Update" is On-line
The September 2016 "Monthly Legal Update" has been posted to the member's side of the website under the "Monthly Legal Update Training Cases"tab.Effective August 1, 2016, the Illinois Prosecutors Services, LLC monthly legal update training became an ILETSB "certified" training course.Law Enforcement & Correction Officers plus 911/dispatch personnel are encouraged to participate in this training ________________________________________________________The monthly publications aredistributed under contract with theIllinois Prosecutor Services, LLC. Any Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (NICJC) member agency may participate in this training opportunity. Each monthly update consists of two case reviews and their quiz materials.Certificates from the (ILETSB) will be issued for thirty minutes a month. This certification opportunity begins August 2016.Follow the procedures found in the "monthly certification guidelines" posted below for MTU1 officers to beissued an ILETSB training certificate and MTU1 agencies to have the training hours added to their total training hours per year.Only LawEnforcementPersonnelwith a registered account have access and L.E. accountsmay be requested on thememberpage of the website.Go to members page on the website for more informationIMPORTANT!!!!!The annual and every three yearmandatory legal updates are required in the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act. Excerpt from Police and Community Relations Improvement ActSec. 7. Rul

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Additional September Course- 24 hr. Highway Drug Investigations for Patrol-Princeton
Thiscourse ispresented by the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, FT. Dodge, IA. It is located in Princeton, ILand is filling up fast. Registration must be done through the MCTC website. Find the registration directions on the MTU1 website calendar hereApproved for Lead Homicide InvestigatorDATE: Monday, September 19, 2016 Ends: Wednesday September 21, 2016TIME: 8:00 AM-5:00 PMLOCATION: IVCPC/ MTU#5 Training Room 225 Backbone Road East, Princeton, ILINSTRUCTOR: Joe H. Medrano, Lieutenant, Texas Department of Public SafetyCourse DescriptionThe primary purposes of Highway Drug Investigations are to detect, interdict, and disrupt the continual flow of illicit drugs on the nation's highways. It is where the struggle for superiority of the nation's highways takes place; a contest between uniformed police officers and the most prolific and dangerous illicit drug traffickers in the world (i.e., Transnational Drug Trafficking Organizations). Emphasis is placed on Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the smuggling routes, transportation corridors, and distribution networks in the United States. Confronting the threat to national security, highway drug interdiction operatives stand as the vanguard in the nation's second line of defense against those who would export illicit activity, lawlessness, violence, and corruption into the country.Moreover, comprehensive post-interdiction investigative methods and techniques are emphasized in order to further identify and debilitate ongoing

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Low Enrollment Notice - PM viewing of Officer Involved Documentary
"Officer Involved" Documentary:Reality of Use of Force in Law Enforcement The September 6th eveningviewing (7:30pm -9:30 pm) is in danger of cancelation due to low enrollment. The 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm viewing will be held as planned.The evening viewing HAS NOT been canceled, but it is in danger of cancelation. It is very important to register in advance if you are planning to attend. A status decision for the evening session will be determined on August 31, 2016.TWO VIEWING OPPORTUNITIESDATE: September 6, 2016TIMES: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm or 7:30 pm 9:30 pm(doors open 1 hour prior to event)LOCATION: Sterling Theater, 402 Locust Street, Sterling, ILTHIS IS NOT A PUBLIC EVENTThe Sterling Theater refreshment counter will be open for purchasesInvited -law enforcement officers and their significant others, 911 Operators/Dispatchers, L.E. civilian staff, fire/police commissioners, state representatives, state senators, state attorneys & staff, coroners, mayors, city managers, city council members, county board members, Force review boards.COURSE content_ This one-hour and 43-minute documentary reveals the reality of the law enforcement psyche through the moving experiences of officers who have faced the moment of truth and the aftermath of shooting a civilian.Some still tear up when speaking years later about their taking of a life, though they are far from being broken human beings. All talk candidly. Their observations can impact the thinking of other officers who have used--o

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