Future Training Courses

Future Training Courses

2021 - 2022

This listing provides information about planned classes, BUT  these courses are not officially scheduled until they are on the Website's training calendar; dates, locations & instructor availability tend to change during the planning process. 

Future training courses are pending certification and mandate approval from the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.


Monthly On-line training provided by MTU1 (under case studies)

  • Illinois Prosecutor Services- Monthly Case Law Update


MTU1 is returning to its general policy of cost free training for courses costing $250 per member or less!!


Class listing updated 10/6/21

October 2021

5-7 Inside the Tape: Homicide Investigation & Crime Scene Management-Freeport

Taser Recertification/Use of Force Update-Ogle County Sheriff's Office

12 Confessions & Admissions Update-4hr AM (Don Hays in Person)

12 Search & Seizure Update-4hr PM (Don Hays in Person)

13 Ethics in Policing-Freeport -Canceled

11-15 40 hour Basic Sniper Canceled

14 Taser Recertification/Use of Force Update-Ogle County Sheriff's Office

14-15 16 hr Illinois Vehicle Code-Freeport

15 Mental Health Awareness- Intro to CIT-Canceled

18 Training for Custodial Escort and Custody of High-Risk Committed Persons

19 Criminal Law Update-4hr AM (Don Hays in Person)

19 Legislative Update-4hr PM (Don Hays in Person)

20  Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC)

26 Use of Force Decision Making-Firearms Simulator-Dixon


November 2021

3-4  Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A.R.I.D.E.)

8    Standadized Field Sobriety Testing Refresher-Canceled

8-9 Financial Aspects of Drug Investigations (AKA Money Laundering)-Freeport

Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response-Sterling

10 Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Investigator-Sterling

16 Use of Force Decision Making-Firearms Simulator-Dixon

16 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)-Rockford

16-17 Breath Alcohol Operator-Dixon

17-19 24 Hr. Spanish for Law Enforcement -Rockford-Canceled


December 2021

2-3 Acting Patrol Officer in Charge-Dixon

Use of Force Decision Making-Firearms Simulator-Dixon

Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Investigator-Rockford

14 Police Reform Act 2021-Police Licensing-Zoom

14 Standardized Field Sobriety Testing-Fulton

13-17 40 Hr. CIT Crisis Intervention Team Training-Rock Valley College


January 2022

13-14 Applicant Background Investigations-Freeport

17-21 40 Hr. Field Training Officer-Sokolove -Rockford

24-28 40 Hr Lead Homicide Investigator-Dixon


February 2022

1-31 On-Line Bloodborne Pathogens Certification

1-31 On-Line Hazmat Refresher Certification

14-18 40 Hr. CIT Team Training

23 Inside the Tape: Patrol Response to the Suspicious Death & Homicide Scene-Rockford

24 Inside the Tape: Suicide & the Equivocal Death Scene, SIDS & The Infant Death Scene-Rockford

28 to May 20, 2022 Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command


March 2022 

2-3  Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A.R.I.D.E.)

2-4 24 Hr Interview and Interrogation-Rockford

16  The Bulletproof Mind (Lt. Colonel Grossman)  Freeport

17  Safe Schools and Healthy Students (Lt. Colonel Grossman)  Rockford

18 4 hr. Review/Exam/ 40 hr. On-line Juvenile Specialist Program Course-Rockford

21-25 Northwestern Univ.- First Line Supervision

28-April 1 Problem-Based Learning Model of Field Training-Basic Police Training Officer-Rockford

29-30 Breath Alcohol Operator

29 IL & Federal Firearms Law Update-4hr AM (Don Hays in Person)

29 Use of Force Update-4hr PM (Don Hays in Person)



April 2022

04  Police and Minority relations (Byron Boston)

05  Tactical De-Escalation Techniques (Byron Boston)

7-8 16 hr Illinois Vehicle Code-Dixon

13-14 Internal Affairs & Professional Standards

18 Mental Health Awareness-Intro to CIT