Organization Overview

The Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (NICJC) was originally established on May 13, 1971 and incorporated on December 19, 1972. Since its inception it has operated a training program for local law enforcement personnel. This training program later became a full-time project. In 1983 the program became funded in full by the State of Illinois through the Traffic Surcharge Fund and was titled "A Statewide System of In-Service Training (A.S.S.I.S.T). 

The ASSIST system consists of what is commonly known as the Mobil Team Unit's (MTU's) which are controlled through a local commission and the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (ILETSB). By statute the MTU's are a government entity when a local commission and the ILETSB enter into the "grant funded" activity each year. 

The NICJC, as part of the A.S.S.I.S.T. Program, is also known as Mobile Team Unit #1 (MTU1) with I.L.E.T.S.B. 

The objectives of the regional in-service training program are to:

  • Provide sufficient courses to meet the demand of each county sheriff's department or local police department
  • Encourage full-time and certified part-time police officers, correctional officers and coroners to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  • Assist agencies with policy and procedure information
  • Schedule quality training programs at convenient locations for all officer participation
  • Encourage Advisory Board members to provide training input and encourage their subordinates to attend the quality training provided

Funding for the training unit is derived from combining the state surcharge fund monies and the membership fees received from participating law enforcement agencies in a designated region. For state purposes, the membership fees show the level of participation, commitment and satisfaction with the performance of the MTU.

In order to receive the state funding (grant) an MTU must receive a certain percentage of its budget from membership fees. It must also have accomplished a certain level of actual attendance in what is called "soft match" to show it is being effective in presenting the relevant training for the region during the grant funded year. In exchange for the membership fees an agency can attend unlimited training. The value for membership is pennies of investment compared to the "dollars" in return of training value and liability protection, for the agency and its parent governmental entity. 

There are fourteen MTU's operating in the State of Illinois and MTU 1 serves six counties- Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson and Whiteside. The advisory board for the commission is made up of law enforcement, city & county government representatives and community members. 

In northern Illinois, MTU1, MTU2 (Rockford), MTU4 (Princeton) & MTU5 (E. Moline) have a track record of cooperation and by working together the ever shrinking training dollars stretch further, allowing for additional training opportunities. 

The office can be reached at 815-288-6695 or via contact us.