How To Get Agency Training Certified

MTU1 is receiving numerous certification procedure questions from agency instructors.

For each course to be certified we need as much notice before the class occurs

To submit the course, we need:

  1. Date/Location of class
  2. ILETSB Instructor Application / Biography/ Instructor certificates-Instructors should contact MTU1 for more guidance
  3. Class Outline
  4. Course Description- A narrative describing what topic is being covered and which mandate, if any, is being met by the training. The guidelines for each mandate are here
  5. Copies of handouts  /    PowerPoint

After each class

  1. Roster of officers w/ PTB numbers (form supplied by MTU1) 
  2. Evaluation (form supplied by MTU1)
  3. If there is a written test/ we need an email from the instructor about pass/fail.


Future training classes

  1. Once the course is certified, the instructor  needs to notify MTU1 as soon as planning begins.
  2. Staff from MTU1 may be present for the training, or forward your instructor the Roster & Evaluation forms
  3. MTU1 needs to know if you have additional room for officers from other agencies.
  4. If you have a different instructor teach the same already certified class, then we need their bio and instructor certificates prior to the training taking place, so they can be reviewed and approved .

Many agencies conduct in-service trainings, that if certified, would result in the training being credited toward a mandate with no additional expense to the agency

If you do not need your in-service training to get on record for a mandate, your agency does not need to contact the MTU. However, working with the MTU will place it on official record and it will be viewable on each officers ILETSB training record on LEDI.

If you complete in-service for these topics, it could qualify for the Legal Update or  “Use of Force” (scenario based, or similar training).

  • Integrated scenario/ decision making training in your regularly scheduled firearms training
  • TASER re-certifications
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Tactical Response Team Training
  • Canine monthly training
  • Rapid response training
  • Firearms Simulator training 

Read more on the MTU1 Mandated Training Topics webpage 



Blank MTU1 Training Roster for local agency use

Blank MTU1 Training Evaluation for local agency use