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Our Mission

To reduce the impact of cumulative stress and trauma on first responders by providing awareness, education, and confidential counseling.


At first, we didn’t know if Greg would want us to start up a foundation in his name. As the first year unfolded, we couldn’t be more sure about it. Through all the positive feedback and support that we have received, we knew it is right. Greg spent his life helping others, many times quietly. It is our goal as a foundation and family to continue Greg’s work by helping fellow police officers and first responders. Being first on the scene, whether for a gruesome murder, suicide, or a car accident, first responders can become victims of underlying issues of mental health. They need emotional and self-care support throughout their careers. Mental health is equally as important as physical health.

Our goal as a foundation and a family is to bring mental health to the forefront through awareness, education, and confidential counseling. 

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