Guidelines for Mandated Training Topics & Board Policy Statement

Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board policy statement

When determining minimum in-service training requirements that a police officer must satisfactorily complete, only Board Certified courses that comply with Board approved guidelines will be considered. Board Policy Adopted September 22, 2016


MTU1 statement about In-Service Training Conducted by Agencies

The above policy statement means an agency in-service training will not be counted by the board as meeting a training requirement, unless the training was certified through a Mobile Team Unit (MTU), or by the board itself.


Agencies conducting in-house training are encouraged to contact their local (MTU) to ascertain if the training is eligible for board certification. Many agencies already conduct in-service trainings, that if certified by the board, would result in the training being counted with no additional expense to the agency.

In January 2018, the training board's Law Enforcement Data Information (LEDI) system was interfaced with the MTU's training records system (LETM). Without MTU involvement, your in-service training will not be reflected on either system and your agencies report will not accurately reflect the training you have conducted to comply with the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act.

Link to Public Act 99-0352 (SB-1304)
To read the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board guidelines go their website here
  • Key Civil Rights Guidelines
  • Key Constitutional and Proper Use of Law Enforcement Authority Guidelines
  • Key Cultural Competency Guidelines
  • Key Human Rights Guidelines
  • Key Law Update Guidelines
  • Key Mental Health Awareness Training Guidelines
  • Key Procedural Justice Guidelines
  • Key Psychology of Domestic Violence Guidelines
  • Key Sexual Assault/Abuse Investigator Training Guidelines
  • Key Sexual Assault/Abuse Trauma-Informed Response Training Guidelines
  • Key Use of Force Guidelines       

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