ON-LINE Training Cases of The Month

The Police and Community Relations Improvement Act took effect January 1, 2016 and provides minimum in-service training requirements.

The acts states:

h. Minimum in-service training requirements, which a police officer must satisfactorily complete at least annually. Those requirements shall include law updates and use of force training, which shall include scenario based training, or similar training approved by the Board.


The Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission (NICJC) offers member agencies an on-line training opportunity to satisfy the LAW UPDATE requirement on a monthly basis. The "Training Cases of The Month" participant will receive certified training credit through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (ILETSB). Participants have thirty days to complete the monthly training.


Who can participate: Any Law Enforcement, Correctional Officer or 911/ telecommunicator with a member account can participate in this training. Participants receive ILETSB certified hours that will be added to an agencies total training numbers with the NICJC. There will be 60 minutes of training time assigned per month (12 hrs. per year)


The "Training Cases of The Month" are posted on the member side of the website under "Case Studies". You must be logged in in order to make this option visible on the left side banner above your username. If the procedures listed on that page are followed, MTU1 will issue an I.L.E.T.S.B. training certificate and add the hours to an agencies total. Members also have access to the Training Cases of the Month Archive located under the "Members Tab".


To participate in this training, you must have a member account with MTU1. If you are from outside the MTU1 region contact MTU1 for more information.


Effective July 2018- The Training Cases of the Month will be submitted for certification for more than just the legal update mandate. The mandate certification request will be dependent upon the topics included in the court cases reviewed that month and particpants may recieve credit towards a variety of mandates


The participant instructions are located under the "Registration" Tab on the page titled "Case Studies- How To"


If you do not see a previous months "case study", it is probably because you have already completed it.

The case studies list page will hide ALL of the case studies the logged in officer has previousely filled out.

If you need to find a copy of a "Cases of the Month" go to "Membership" tab and you will find them on the Archives page