Case Study - How To

In order to complete a case study you must:

  • Have a User Account
  • Be logged into your account to have the "Case Study" option displayed above your username


1. Leave the number in the “register box” at 1

2. Click on the “register” button

3. Enter your student information

4. click on "add student"

5. click on "register now" and you will be able to review the training material

6. After reading the material and reviewing the questions/answers click only ONCE on the "I've read This!"

  • You have completed the training and have been added to the class roster for the month.
  • To obtain a .pdf copy of the "Training Cases" click on the "download file" button, which becomes visible after completing the review

NOTE- MTU1 needs one evaluation per agency. The evaluation form is e-mailed to the agency when notice of this training is sent to agencies. If you have any comments to add to the evaluation, please forward them to the designated person at your agency.