Red Dot Firearms Training-Rockford

Date: Friday, June 09, 2023
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Winnebago Co. Criminal Justice Center
650 West State Street
Rockford, IL
Instructor: Jared Smith

Members' Fee: $0
Sworn Non-Members' Fee: $0
Non-Members' Fee: $0

This class meets the following ILESTB mandates:

De-Escalation Techniques ( 4 Hours with 4 Hours scenario based)

Laws Concerning Stops Searches (.5 Hours)

Officer Saftey Techniques (2 Hours with 1 Hour Scenarion Based)


Course Objectives:

This class is intended to familiarize students to the Red Dot pistol platform. Specific drills are introduced to make the student more familiar and comfortable with a new sight system. Specific issues addressed are finding the dot, tracking the dot, and malfunctions that are specific to RDS pistols. Low light shooting will also be addressed as it relates to RDS pistols. Officers will shoot several courses of fire, including shoot/no shoot and decision-making drills. Officers will shoot the state 30 round qualification in the class as well. Loaner red dot guns are available for use for agencies considering them.

Student assignment: Participation

Pass 30 round State Live Fire Qualification

Student Materials:

 Full duty belt

 Ballistic vest

 RDS equipped pistol and 3 magazines

 Eye and ear protection

 300 rounds of training ammunition


Partial funding provided by Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board This is not a Public Meeting. Page 2

Prior to training commencing at the quarry/range, a thorough safety and med brief will be conducted. A primary and secondary medical officer will be identified, as well as a primary and secondary comms officer. The location of the IFAK kit will be shown and known to all. An extensive safety briefing will be conducted to establish a plan, establish a mindset, define what is and is not acceptable, as well as to limit department liability.

There are four rules that apply to the safe handling of firearms, on or off the range:

1. Always treat every gun as if they are loaded.

- Get in the habit of performing a visual and physical of any gun you are handling or transferring/receiving from another.

2. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

- A safe direction is determined by your environment. A safe direction can be up, down, out, or down range, all dependent on the environment you find yourself in. For most in service training and qualifications, a safe direction is down or down range.

3. Know your target, what is beyond your target, the transitional space between, and your ability to hit your target.

4. Keep your finger off of the trigger, until you have made a conscious decision to press the trigger and shoot at what you are aiming at.