Preventable Collision?

Objectively labeling a collision as preventable can sting, but it can also nurture good judgement

By David Kinaan  |   Oct 31, 2017

Caliber Press article

The term “preventable” can be a hard word to stomach—especially when you were just involved in a traffic collision that may have been your fault. It might imply that you should have known better and you did something wrong or failed to take an action that would have avoided the collision. Not an easy thing to accept when you’re a cop.

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Article-The 5 Fundamentals of True De-Escalation
The truth: De-escalation is today a buzzword, & widely misconstruedBy Jeff Shannon| Jan 12, 2017  "De-escalation" has become a buzzword in the law enforcement industry. A confluence of forces have thrust our ability to talk to people into the forefront of modern policing. As tempting as it is to critique these forces, I think we have to accept that the community, the courts, and our departments now expect a whole lot from us and our ability to talk to people-specifically, agitated people, in a rapidly changing environment, with lots of opportunity for Monday-morning quarterbacking.Communication in CrisisThere's nothing new in the idea of trying to calm people down so that we don't have to use force. Much of the older generation learned "Verbal Judo" in the police academy, a full-throated endorsement of using words to settle people down. It's now embedded in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), tactical training and management training at all levels.[Editor's note: Communication is the cornerstone of everything Calibre Press today teaches. It is, as Jim Glennon says, "the one constant of police work."]Our police chiefs, sheriffs, and public information officers leap at any opportunity to drop the de-escalation buzzword in their public comments. All of this is in response to the communities perception that if we jam de-escalation training down every cop's throat, people won't be shot and killed anymore.Unfortunately, the press has perpetuated the myth that more "sensiti

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Article- Millennial Thoughts on Peelian Principles
In 2017, let's live up to the ideals at the heart of modern policingBy Elijah Woodward| Jan 4, 2017

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Article-Character: It Makes All the Difference
Yes, skills matter; but they won't define you, & your service, like your character willBy Sue Rahr| Dec 19, 2016  Your legacy, in your agency and community, will come down to your character. .featured-image-container { position: relative; margin-bottom:20px; } .featured-video-overlay { position: absolute; bottom: 0; width: 100%; padding: 10px 0; background-color: rgba(0, 88, 108, 0.5); z-index: 1000; color: white; text-align: right; } .featured-video-overlay span { margin: 0 10px; } .featured-video-overlay h3 { margin:0; }

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Article-The Mindful Officer: Mindfulness & Law Enforcement?
From business to athletes to our military, mindfulness is being embraced; but what about law enforcement?By Shawn Perron| Dec 15, 2016 Case Western Reserve University has some of the latest information on comprehensive mindfulness research. Mindfulness programs are being implemented into corporate culture, business and management education, and gaining ground among scientifically and medically minded people. The U.S. armed forces is on board too. That's right: Even the USMC and Army are now using mindfulness to improve workplace functioning, as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for our returning war veterans. Mindfulness training has been found to be a viable-and healthier-alternative to pharmaceuticals for treating PTSD, depression, and chronic pain.So if such disparate professions have all arrived at the same conclusion, why isn't law enforcement enthusiastically reaping the many benefits of mindfulness training?I have a theory: Most of us cops are proud and as a result we don't like change. But I also know that cops are practical and I hope to show you some of the tangible benefits of mindfulness. READ Article on Calibre Press

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Article-On Policing the Mentally Ill
The general public has no idea--& that's the pointBy Jeff Shannon| Nov 21, 2016 Photo psyberartist. .featured-image-container { position: relative; margin-bottom:20px; } .featured-video-overlay { position: absolute; bottom: 0; width: 100%; padding: 10px 0; background-color: rgba(0, 88, 108, 0.5); z-index: 1000; color: white; text-align: right; } .featured-video-overlay span { margin: 0 10px; } .featured-video-overlay h3 { margin:0; }

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Article- Community Starts at Home
Respectful, civil relations with outside communities are necessarily a reflection of internal valuesBy Brian Willis| Aug 12, 2016 Community begins with--YOU!

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Article - Elder Exploitation 101
Exploitation of our elders is both common & preventable: Here's how to stop it By Barney Doyle | Jun 15, 2016

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Do Know About Periscoping?
Two Calibre Pres Articles-1.Periscoping and Driving Under the Influence Woman Broadcasts Herself Driving Drunk By Calibre Press2.Periscope: Live Social-Media Streaming A new app from Twitter holds promise for police-community relations By Josh Coleman Wikipedia-Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android

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