40 hr. Basic SWAT-Lincoln

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Date: Monday, October 16, 2017
Registration Deadline: Thursday, September 14, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:22 PM
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Lincoln, IL
Instructor: Ron Yanar, ADAMAX
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NOTE- Total course time often exceeds the 40-hour time line. There are two night exercises that may exceed an 8-hour day depending on the team’s organization skills and overall ability. Students will be on their feet for considerable amount of this course. It is not overly strenuous, but attendees should have a moderate level of endurance.

COURSE CONTENT:  The primary goal throughout this course is to provides trainees with the core skills they will need to operate on a team. It will provide formative training to entry level SWAT operators concentrating on dynamic methods for hostage rescue and high risk warrant service; with a focus on officer safety. These methods have flexible applications and are easily employed on a variety of floor plans.  This is live fire, shoot house training.

The curriculum is devised of realistic and practical skills that allow graduates to be operationally ready upon graduation. The methods presented emphasize officer safety without sacrificing speed and are flexible to apply to a variety of floor plans and situations.

                        Doorway drills                                     Vehicle assaults

Distraction devices                              Scenario exercises

Night mission                                      Team movement 

Assault course                                     CQB shooting drills    

Four phase mission profile                 Core breaching tasks

Fitting personal equipment                Dynamic room clearing         

Briefings and planning                        reorganization & withdraw

Trainees will breach doors and negotiate a variety of floor plans during the week. The course culminates with two graded, full profile mission FTXs.

This course hits the ground running. Day 1 has the most classroom time of the week. From that point, officers will be presented new lessons in class, rehearse them and then practice them through live fire drills and exercises. Having an onsite shoot house allows trainees to perfect skill in a realistic setting.


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