24 hr. Evidence Based Interviews & Interrogation-Freeport

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Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
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Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: CTK Group Instructors: Currently assigned to Major Crimes Unit- Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation
-Chris Callaway, Special Agent
-Jon Turbett, Special Agent
-Mike Krapfl, Special Agent in Charge

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Non-Members' Fee: $450

This course has been approved to meet the following ILETSB mandates:

Civil Rights 2 Hours

Constitutional/Proper use of Authority 2 Hours

Human Rights .5 Hours

Legal Updates 2 Hours

Lead Homicide Investigators 24 Hours 2 Hours Scenerio Based

Member fee- $0  / Non member fee $450

COURSE CONTENT: The current landscape of interview and interrogation training has changed rapidly in the last several years. Departments that are not adapting are getting left behind. Newly published research by the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) regarding enhanced-interrogation techniques clearly shows many universally held techniques used by law enforcement are not the most effective way to get to the truth. The CTK Group’s 3-Day Interview & Interrogation Course seeks to train officers and investigators to be comfortable using a cutting edge and common-sense game plan that incorporates evidence based interview and interrogation methods. The instructors will work with the students to implement a researched-based approach that considers the individual’s decisions to confess, utilizes the Cognitive Interview, and employs guilt-induction.

Throughout the Course, the instructors will intentionally make use of the full spectrum of adult learning techniques, including: engaging lectures; group interaction; an open environment where spontaneous comments and questions are encouraged; professional PowerPoint presentations; impromptu whiteboard discussions; live demonstrations by instructors; video analysis of actual interviews and interrogations; and practical exercises with both instructors and peers. The CTK Group’s interview & interrogation game plan is comprehensively embodied in the “Baseball Diamond” – a recognizable and memorable visual provided to each officer near the beginning of the Course that serves as a quick reference for the guiding principles and general flow of successful interviews and interrogations.

Day One:

  • US Constitutional Fundamentals: The Fifth, Sixth & Fourteenth Amendments
  • Understanding Custody: When It Is & When It Isnʼt
  • Executing the Non-Custodial Interview of a Non-Discloser: Seeking Natural Interactions & Why He Canʼt Resist
  • Effective Delivery of Article Thirty-One Rights: What They Never Told You & How to Gain the Edge
  • Coercion & Voluntariness: Avoiding Words That Call Interview Results Into Question

Day Two:

  • Talking Across Boundaries: The Lost Art of Interviewing
  • The Uncontrolled Interview: The Untapped Intelligence Generator
  • Strategic Setup of the Interview Environment: How the Devil Is In the Details
  • The Origin and How-To of the Cognitive Interview: Practical Application of the Research
  • Discourse Analysis: Research Based Deception Detection
  • Welcomed Gathering of Provable Lies: Redefining the Goal of Non-Discloser Interviews
  • The Hypothetical Question: Testing the Subject’s Commitment

Day Three:

  • Realigning Our Understanding & Use of Non-Verbal Cues of Deception
  • The Post-Interview Break: So Much More Than Coffee Time
  • The Challenge: A Scripted and Confident Accusatory Statement
  • Psychology of Influence: Using Cutting Edge Marketing & Sales Tactics in the Interview
  • Theme Development: Selling a Moral Justification To Your Subject
  • The Better/Worse Option: All Roads Lead To the Truth
  • Purposeful Criminal Debrief of the Subject Maximizing an Honest Moment
  • Avoiding False Confessions: Why Interviewers Must Use Selective Evidence Disclosure Report Writing Considerations

The CTK Group has presented to federal, state, and local officers at the Crimes Against Women Conference, the Midwest Gang Investigators Conference, and the Internet Crimes Against Children Conference and we have identified the most effective interview and interrogation techniques.

The three instructors (Chris Callaway, Jon Turbett and Mike Krapfl) are all sworn police officers and currently active in a Major Crime Unit investigating homicide, sexual abuse, officer involved shootings, human trafficking, public corruption, burglary and other offenses. In addition to each having hundreds of hours of experience interviewing & interrogating victims, witnesses and suspects during the course of criminal investigations, these three instructors bring unique backgrounds and skill sets: Chris spent years as a State Trooper working Drug Interdiction on major interstates; Jon is a University of Iowa College of Law graduate; and Mike has served as an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor in the college setting. All three instructors are on-site and engaged during the entire 3 Days – not just presenting material but passionately working with each student to build knowledge, in-depth understanding, and confidence in a comprehensive and specific interview & interrogation game plan.

Instructor Biographies

Mike Krapfl is a Special Agent in Charge in the Major Crimes Unit with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, where he oversees agents working homicides, robberies, officer-involved shootings, and other felony offenses. Mike served as an Agent in the Major Crimes Unit for 14 years and previously worked as a patrol officer and investigator for eight years with a municipal police department. Mike holds a Masterʼs Degree in Public Policy and a BA in Criminology from the University of Northern Iowa and instructed for 12 years as a member of the Criminal Justice faculty at the University of Dubuque. Mike is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and presents at state and national law enforcement conferences.

Jon Turbett began his law enforcement career as a Special Agent with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation assigned to the Gaming Unit after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Law. After five years, he was reassigned to the Major Crimes Unit, where he has worked since 2005. Jon currently investigates a significant number of felony level offenses, including homicides, human trafficking, fraud, and sex crimes. He has presented at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association Conference, the Midwest Gang Investigators Conference, and the Conference on Crimes against Women. Jon oversees the legal component of The CTK Groupʼs Interview and Interrogation courses.

Chris Callaway is a Special Agent in the Major Crimes Unit of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. Since 2004, Chris has investigated homicides, cold cases, sexual assaults, bank robberies and other felony level crimes. A graduate of the University of Iowa and a twelve-year veteran of the Iowa State Patrol, Chris has blended his criminal and drug interdiction experience into the Cognitive Interviewing component of The CTK Groupʼs Fundamental and Advanced Courses. He provides patrol officers and investigators with a legally-sound, research-based game plan for interviewing victims, witnesses, and suspects.