Juv. Interrogation Skills & Delinquency Updates-CANCELED

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Date: Thursday, May 02, 2019
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: Brian Galske, Commander, Chicago Ridge Police Department
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This Class has ben canceled for Low Enrollment

Juvenile Interrogation Skills and Delinquency Updates 

Illinois Juvenile Court Act  705 ILCS 405

PURPOSE OF COURSE:  This 8-hr program has been designed with expert practitioners from the fields of juvenile law, social work, and law enforcement to assist law enforcement officers and juvenile officers in the legal, moral, and social issues that they will encounter in their positions as they encounter juvenile offenders.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course has been designed to provide all peace officers, regardless of their primary assignments, with a review concerning the custody of the juvenile delinquent; review of the updates with Chapter 705; Act 405, Juvenile Court Act.   

Topics to be addressed include the following: 

  • Juvenile rights and protections in the juvenile justice system
  • Revisions to Chapter 705; Act 405, Delinquency
  • Law Enforcement responsibilities
  • Review of the requirements with juvenile delinquents in custody  

COURSE GOALS: The goals of this course are to provide participants with a detailed study of the Juvenile Court Act, Illinois Chapter 705, including:

1. A comprehensive examination of juvenile rights as outlined in the Illinois Constitution, Illinois Chapter 705, and Illinois Detention law,

2. A detailed examination of the recent revisions enacted to the Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 705

3. A clear understanding of the elements and provisions of the Illinois Juvenile Court Act

  • Minors requiring authoritative intervention
  • Electronic dissemination of indecent depictions
  • New record keeping and sharing requirements
  • New definition of the Delinquent Minor
  • New detention requirements of juvenile delinquents
  • New requirements in video confessions of juvenile delinquents

4. A clear understanding of the responsibilities of the police officer and the juvenile officer

5. An understanding of recent Court decisions affecting the implementation of the Juvenile Court Act

  • The courts consideration of the “totality of the circumstances”