16 hr. Telecommunicator Supervisor Training-CANCELED

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Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Stewart Center West
2900 W. Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL
Instructor: Jan Mirikitani, JBM Consulting Services, LLC
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Non-Member & Civilian Fee: $85

This Class has been canceled

Class dates: April 30 & May 1, 2019                                  

COURSE CONTENT: This program defines leadership influence & the differences between leadership, management, & supervision.  It defines five leadership style & how each matter, depending upon the work goals & circumstances.  It clarifies the assertive communication skills necessary for clear delegation & 360-degree follow-up.  It identifies toxic aggressive communication patterns & behaviors that contribute to workplace harassment & hostile work environment, & the Supervisor’s role & duty.

It discusses a Supervisor’s responsibilities for keeping their Commander/Manager apprised.  Participants will practice assertive coaching, correction, & written documentation based on Supervisor observation, regular audio tape review, & de-briefing.  It provides tools for conflict resolution between employees.

This course addresses how telecommunication supervisors are responsible for how their subordinates interact on the phone & radio with the public at large, elected officials, municipal employees, fire, ambulance, & outside municipality officials. It addresses the Supervisor’s role in how their employees interact with their own Officers, Supervisors, & Command.

This course discusses morale & motivation, & how leading from the front impact both.

Learning Objectives

Telecommunicator supervisors will be able to define & discuss:

1. How supervision, management, & leadership differ.

2. Verbal & nonverbal assertive communication skills

3. Aggressive toxic employee communication patterns & behaviors

4. Supervisor role in disallowing workplace harassment & hostile work environment

5. Methods for 360-degree delegation

6. The significance of earned trust & credibility on employee morale

7. Ways to develop the leader within you

8. What it means to lead from the front