16 hr. Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents-Rochelle

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Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Registration Deadline: Thursday, August 01, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Rochelle Technology Center
910 Technology Parkway
located north of the Petro truck stop off of Dement Road.
Rochelle, IL
Instructor: NCBRT Louisiana State University Instructors
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This course teaches participants how to safely and effectively respond to biological incidents using an integrated approach. Participants will learn how to identify biological agents by discussing surveillance indicators of a biological incident. Then, participants will identify the major characteristics of biological agents and biological agent dissemination methods. Next, participants will apply the skills and knowledge they learned in this course to response and recovery. Finally, participants will apply lessons learned in this course by responding to a mock scenario. 

Participants will discuss personal, victim, environmental, and area protection during a biological incident. This course will teach responders the basic concepts of safety during an actual or suspected biological incident. Responders should be vigilant to recognize any indicators of a biological incident. The key question in this course: “Is it bio?” 

Core Capabilities

The terminal learning objectives of this course align with the following core capabilities:

  • Community Resilience
  • Economic Recovery
  • Fatality Management Services
  • Forensics and Attribution
  • Health and Social Sciences
  • Infrastructure Systems
  • Intelligence and Information Sharing
  • Interdiction and Disruption
  • Long-term Vulnerability Reduction
  • Operational Communications
  • Operational Coordination
  • Physical Protective Measures
  • Planning
  • Situational Assessment


Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents is a performance-level course designed to help participants safely and effectively respond to a biological incident by using an integrated approach. The course provides detailed information about various biological agents and possible methods of dissemination—whether naturally occurring or intentional. Participants will identify appropriate assessment and response actions and will review personal protection, containment measures, and tools that may be accessed during a biological incident. 



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In Class

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