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Campus Safety -Going Beyond the Focus on Active Shooter Drills

1/6/2016 12:00:00 AM

In the wake of the recent violence on college campuses, many professors, students and administrators are asking if more can be done to prevent these dangerous incidents. Although active shooter drills are an essential element of every campus safety plan, prevention programs that identify, intervene and mitigate the mental health issues before they explode are equally important.Our new guide "Going Beyond the Focus on Active Shooter Drills" presents a number of ideas for preventing violence before it even starts, including:
  • Creating Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) and Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) units
  • Focusing attention on early detection and prevention
  • Putting officers in positions to build strong relationships on campus
Download this report to learn how your campus can go beyond active shooter drills to identify potential threats early and prevent them from becoming violent incidents.
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