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Death Investigation Grant Funding for FY16 classes

8/1/2015 12:00:00 AM

Training Coordinator'snote: The Death Investigation Grant Funding forFY16 classes that are funded under the Death Certificate Surcharge fund are tentatively scheduled at this point, until we find out when those funds are being transferred to the Coroners due to Senate Bill 663, House Amendment 1, which was passed by the legislature this past May. Until the Governor signs the final FY16 budget, we won't know when the bill will go into effect. If we don't have access to any of those funds this fiscal year, funding for all of those grant classes will have to be denied, and therefore all of those classes will be canceled, as they are not supported under our regular budget line items. We hope to know more on the status of these grant classes in September, and will post that information when it becomes available. Please understand that there is a very real possibility that this class may be canceled due to this loss of funding.
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