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Do You Have Nightclubs ? Have They Talked About Active Shooters?

7/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

This is not a solicitation for this private company but the blog does provide good security minded information for the businesses in your town/county.
On July 11, 2016, all MTU1 agencies were forwarded a debrief of the Orlando Attack that will likely be disseminated inside your agencies. It is Law Enforcement sensitive and cannot be posted on the website. This article is in reference to a conference call by the hospitality industry and it supplies some information to pass onto your businesses.The Active Shooter and Nightlife

Forum Among Leading Experts and Practitioners

On Friday, June 24, RHI organized an impromptu conference call with representatives of police departments, downtown management, nightlife venues and security and city administration to discuss the recent shooting in Orlando. Participants came from San Francisco, Edmonton, San Diego, New York, Charleston, Orlando and Pittsburgh. Listen to the discussion.

Highlights and Resources

Essential: Control occupancy and patron movement, clearly identify exit routes, train security, promote patron awareness

Consistent Response Message: Run, Hide, Fight (adapted from Homeland Security guidelines)l

Nightclub Security Consultants: Employee Talking Points and Employee Poster l

Mass Communication Tool: Everbridge provides efficient system to notify networks in the area such as venues, traffic control, etc.

Training Resource: ALICE provides combination of online/classroom oriented informs citizens to participate in their own survival(Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate )

Communication system with door security of nearby businesses: Sacramento texting system or an ID Scanner System

 Conference Call Takeaways
  • Not all active shooters are terrorists. Gang members or patrons settling a dispute (San Francisco segment provides example of a well organized attack).
  • Current training oriented to offices, schools, and not nightclubs. Special issues in social venues are crowded spaces, load music, movement from dancing, alcohol intoxication, lights - all factors to confuse announcements, and prevent directing people safely and efficiently to exits, etc.
  • Police training should include reenactments in venue and tabletop exercises (Edmonton segment provides information).
  • Consider flight attendant training for airlines as a template - create confidence in security staff to act systematically through regular role play scenarios.
  • Consider better lighting to direct people to exits, perhaps directional, as on the floor of a plane. Add a strobe light by exit doors in emergency.
  • People can be hesitant to attend an active shooter training becasue of fear or disbelief. It is important to overcome and present information with empathy.
  • Small business assistance - Nighttime venues can lose revenue as a result of an attack. Need organized support network and campaign.

Employee bestpractice - every employee check exits for blockage and workability at start of shift (reinforces in staff's minds all exit locations)

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