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Outside Training - Use of Force by ILACP

7/11/2016 12:00:00 AM

In the event you are not a member of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, this training opportunity is being passed onto you. MTU1 is not co-sponsoring the course and registration must be completed as stated below.

Training for Police Chiefs on Use of Force Offered at Two Locations in August!

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police is planning a series of training sessions geared toward a consistent application of use of force policies, investigation, and review by Illinois police departments. Training for police chiefs and senior-level personnelis scheduled for the first week of August in Oak Brook and Peoria. Other sessions will be scheduled; we consider this the beginning of a multi-year effort. Learn what a good modern use of force policy should be, how to investigate use of force, and how to be accountable. You will leave with some specific tools to help you with all of this.OAK BROOK: MONDAY, AUGUST 1 BUTLER GOVERNMENT CENTER (SAM DEAN BOARD ROOM)- 1200 OAK BROOK RD, OAK BROOK ILPEORIA: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3 CENTRAL ILLINOIS POLICE TRAINING CENTER - MTU7 TRAINING CENTER, 5407 N. UNIVERSITY AVENUE, PEORIA ILTIME: 8 AM UNTIL 4 PM AT BOTH LOCATIONSTO REGISTER FOR OAK BROOK CLASS, CLICK HERETO REGISTER FOR PEORIA CLASS, CLICK HERE
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