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ILETSB Executive Institute Newsletter is On-line / New Sexual Assault Procedure Act

10/21/2016 12:00:00 AM

ILETSBEI NEWSExecutive Institute October Newsletter

This edition of ILETSBEI news features the wrap up of the State of American Policing pillars. The newsletter also includes articles on the new sexual assault laws, which hope to increase sexual assault prosecutions; Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month; and resources for law enforcement officers on working with victims with disabilities. Additionally, the Corrections Center article discusses a new publication about incarceration and whether it is the best way to keep communities safe.

Furthermore, upcoming event information for the 2016 calendar year including numerous School and Campus Safety courses, Preventing and Responding to Homegrown Violent Extremism, and a farewell to Brock Merritt from the Executive Institute staff are included in this edition.

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Here's an Excerpt

Notes From the Board:New Law Aims to Increase Successful Sexual Assault Prosecutions Kelly Griffith

A new law initiated by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Joint Sexual Assault Working Group will help encourage more sexual assault survivors to come forward and increase the successful prosecution of sexual assault crimes in Illinois. The Sexual Incident Procedure Act was initiated by Illinois Attorney General Madigan and the Joint Sexual Assault Working Group that was formed to address the factors that discourage survivors of sexual assault from reporting their crimes to law enforcement. .....

......Starting next year, the new law will require victim-centered policies and sexual assault response training for law enforcement officers and first responders, including 911 operators. Studies show that these policies and their associated interview techniques enable law enforcement officers to collect more evidence, increasing the likelihood of successful prosecutions. At the same time, they reduce traumatization of sexual assault survivors and encourage more victims to come forward to authorities. Law enforcement officers will also be required to complete a written report of every sexual assault complaint they receive. The law also increases a survivor's involvement in the criminal justice system by extending the time for survivors to consent to have their evidence kits tested from 14 days to five years. The law also gives them the right to request updates on the status of the testing of their forensic evidence, including whether an association was made to an individual whose DNA profile is consistent with the sexual assault evidence DNA profile. Local law enforcement agencies can decline to provide this specific information if doing so would impede or compromise an ongoing investigation.

Public Act 99-0801, (weblink)


  1. The training mandate is effective on January 1, 2017- All Law enforcement officers within three years of the effective date & Investigators who conduct sexual assault investigations within 2 two years of effective date.
2.The policy requirement effective date is on or before January 1, 2018There will be more come on this topic.
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