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Outside Training-Bomb Threat Protocols for Schools

11/18/2016 12:00:00 AM

Campus Safety Webinar Series

Thought Leadership Webcast Series: Bomb Threat Protocols for SchoolsDecember 8, 2016 at 2pm EST Moderator: Zach Winn, Associate Editor,Campus Safety MagazineGuest Speaker: Gary Sigrist Jr., CEO & President, Safeguard Risk Solutions, LLC.

Join us for a FREE 1- Hour Webcast from CS on Dec. 8th, featuring Gary L. Sigrist Jr. of Safeguard Risk Solutions, to help your Campus develop a protocol for dealing with Bomb Threats all while protecting students, staff, and assets on your Campus.

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Bomb threats to schools are nothing new. Since the invention of the pay phone, schools have had to deal with both the threat and disruption of the school day because of bomb threats. Because of targeted acts of violence against schools, most schools around the country have worked to harden the target,' making it more difficult for those wishing to harm our students and staff to get inside the building to cause harm. Due to these improved security enhancements, if a perpetrator wants to cause harm they must get the students and staff outside of the building. A bomb threat is the perfect means for putting our students and staff at risk by causing them to exit the building and putting them out in the open. Attend this Campus Safety Webcast and learn:

  • How a positive school climate will reduce the risks of both bomb threats and all school violence.
  • How to develop relationships with First Responders to develop bomb threat protocols.
  • How a school's response to a bomb threat can reduce the incidences of bomb threats.
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